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Liquor Stores in the Rochester are controlled by New York state liquor laws, which restrict the sale of wine and liquor to licensed Liquor Stores. Beer and certain other malt beverages are exempted and may be found in grocery stores and convenience stores. Until a couple years back, liquor stores couldn't be open on Sundays - see also Blue Laws. Another source for alcoholic beverages is buying directly from the many regional wineries and distilleries.

A [WWW]Google Maps [WWW]''Business Search'' for Liquor Stores shows at least 100 stores in the greater Rochester area. The lists below are from RocWiki contributors, are not inclusive, and are not based on any rating system or recommendations.

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2007-11-26 18:10:35   I do. In addition, it's all superlatives, and many of them are wrong. For example, Wine Sense is a perfectly good store, but I don't think their selection is "exceptional" but any measure.

I'd say you should edit it as you see fit. —RottenChester