Alcoholic beverages that are stronger than beer or wine are generally produced at distilleries. These include such products as: vodka, gin, aged whiskey, brandy, grappa, etc. Just as farm wineries were established in New York State in the 1980's and 1990's, and small craft breweries began to return in the 2000's, the 2010's are the time of the farm distillery. Several have been established in the Finger Lakes region and Central New York in recent years. The first were associated with wineries or fruit farms, but more are being developed to use local grains to create boutique beverages that are linked to agri-tourism. In 2013 the City of Rochester finally got its own distillery: Black Button Distilling at the Public Market.

It can be fun to visit the distillery where you can see the product being made and taste it too! Distilled spirits produced regionally can be purchased at the distillery or at larger local liquor stores.

Regional Distilleries

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