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"2005-11-04 19:09:38"   If you want good Lebanese food, I would select Sinbad's first, and Aladdin's second. They do it right. I would not compare Sinbad's with a Greek restaurant such as Mykonos, even though it is billed as "mediterranean." It is almost entirely Lebanese food (aside from the pasta dishes.) —RichardSarkis

"2005-04-19 20:47:06"   I'm not sure I'd agree - I haven't spent much time at it's new location, where Mykonos is now a neon-and-chrome diner, but it used to be more solid than Sinbad's. That said, I often prefer a meal at Sinbad's - Cheap food, and a couple of not-so-classic dishes that are very solid. My recommendations are that you stick to the grilled pita sandwhiches - I love the eggplant pita, and the chicken pita's pretty solid if you're jonesing for meat. At about $4.95 apiece, the price is very right for a quick, pleasant bite. I've been unhappy with the larger plates, and service can be slow and / or obnoxious sometimes (the latter only when it was particularly crowded). My modus operandi here, when the server sticks around long enough, is to order those sandwiches right when I sit down - I've waited 25 minutes to place an order otherwise. Good cheap eats (and not too heavy), though, and not unpleasant atmosphere (given that the other competitor for good mediterranean is now a neon-chrome monstrosity (albeit a curiously clean and well-lit one)). —unknown

"2005-08-16 08:53:16"   I go here for quick Mediterranean, and if grilled eggplant with a not-too-heavy (either yogurt or tahini - I can't remember) sauce rolled up in a grilled pita sounds good to you, then you should too. Oh, and if you order the chili, adding meat and cheese to it doesn't add that much content, but I think it more than doubles the price - if you order it, and you're cheap, get it vegan. —RossMessing

"2005-11-14 16:34:35"   I'll have to disagree with Ross. Time and time again Sinbad's comes out on top for me. I think the grilled pitas, as well as the larger plates are delicious, but my favorite has to be the Sambusek. Overall I think think they're the best value for a meal in the city. —MikeMahoney

"2006-07-14 23:30:38"   I agree with Mike - it's one of my lunchtime staples with consistently wonderful food at very reasonable prices. When I do go for dinner occasionally and order a full meal, it is of similar quality. The servers are always busy but kind and attentive with smiles on their faces. — RochesterGuy

2006-08-16 11:25:45   Was walking down Park Ave with some friends and decided to stop by for lunch. I had the Fatayer Sebanikh which is pastry filled with spinach, onions, pine kernels and lemon juice. While probably not good for you, it was really tasty. Great people watching if you sit outside. —RickUrwin

2006-08-17 11:34:29   Rick, fatayers are excellent meals, and very healthy. The dough shell is not a pastry shell, at least it shouldn't be. —RichardSarkis

2006-11-28 22:41:17   I like Sinbad's a lot. I agree with MikeMahoney, the larger plates are good. I've also had their salads, pitas, and pitza pitas, and thought they were all very good. One of my favorite dishes is the Sultan's Pitza (tahini dressing, beef and lamb, onions, pepper rings, tomatoes, feta and parsley on a pita). They also have an excellent baklava for dessert, with what I think was an orange honey on top. I also like the inside of the restaurant quite a bit; it's small, but not crowded (at least in my opinion), and generally has a comfortable feel to it. I suppose I should say that one of my friends does think it's too small inside, so it sorta depends on who you are. Regardless, the food is good. —StevenDibelius

2007-03-07 20:42:42   I love Sinbad's in the summer time, but I stay away in the winter. The place is very small, and no matter where you sit in the restaurant, you wind up freezing your keister off every time the door opens. I can't wait for the summer time so I can enjoy some of their fantastic falafel outside while people watching. :) —FattyFatFat

2007-03-28 18:48:06   The food was fine and the inside is good, I've only eaten one small dish here but I preferred Aladin's but my wife prefers Sinbad's. —TravisOwens

2007-03-28 22:07:11   The Taco Bell of Mediterranean food. Five ingredients (pita, eggplant, tahini, chicken and feta cheese) combined 95 different ways. Still, it's enjoyable on occasion. (As is Taco Bell.) —WegmansFiend

2007-04-01 07:46:25   WegmansFiend: Your comment shows your cultural ignorance. It's Lebanese food, not Mediterranean; I'm really insulted by your comment considering that I like their food as a Lebanese.Lebanese cusine doesn't usually lend itself to small sandwidches and plates like is sold there. When we do have sandwiches, well, we tend to use basic ingredients you just described. I'm not sure what you are looking for? Lamb?We make big portions of food for big meals. Rachael Ray would have a tough time finding a selection of Lebanese meals to do in 30 minutes. The menu seems to be a specifically compromised selection of dishes using ingredients that most American's would enjoy eating, and that can be prepared quickly especially considering the Park Ave clientele with a degree of quality and presentation. It's unfair to compare them to Taco Bell. —RichardSarkis

2007-04-01 14:19:07   Everyone knows Mediterranean food only comes from Mediterrania. —EastSideStephen

2007-04-02 00:19:44   Forgive my cultural ignorance. I thought Lebanon was bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. You must be refering to Lebanon, Ohio. I have no idea what goes on in Lebanon, Ohio, but apparently it involves combining the same five items 95 different ways. —WegmansFiend

2007-08-03 11:29:08   Although not a big fan of food from this area of the world (sorry, not looking to join the Mediterranean/Lebanese/etc. debate), I went here for dinner with some friends. I had a hard time finding something on the menu due to my pickiness (don't like falafel, tahini, greek dressing, feta cheese, and more...), but I settled on the Sambusek plate, a toasted pita filled with parmesan, lettuce, tomato, chicken, and mushrooms. I also don't like mushrooms, but they were already mixed in, so I decided to branch out and was delighted with the result. The service was great—we did wait around a bit, but then again we had turned the waitress away multiple times while waiting for the last member of our group and agonizing over the menu for awhile, so once she came back, everything was great. She even remembered that I hadn't really wanted mushrooms and asked if I could taste them once I had started eating. The outdoor seating was comfortable. Overall, it was a good experience, especially since I don't typically eat food like this.

2007-08-29 17:22:40   We've never had a bad meal at Sinbad's, and my mother, who lives near Washington, DC, insists on going there every time she comes to Rochester. We like sitting outside and watching the world go by. The owner is very pleasant and friendly, which I like. —KatieSchmitz

2007-10-08 15:10:58   I love the food at Sinbad's and the service is good. Easily my favorite restaurant in the Park Ave neighborhood. —FirstLast