Smugtown Mushrooms

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P1010548.JPG P1010549.JPGTable in their headquarters displaying a variety of medicinal mushrooms. P1020982.JPGMore mushrooms.

127 Railroad Street, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions]
Wheelchair Accessible
<smugtownmushrooms AT gmail DOT com>

Smugtown Mushrooms was established in 2012 out of a group of wild mushroom foragers who wish to teach the Rochester community all about their favorite fungaloids. They supply mushrooms for omelets and soups and plan on offering medicinal mushroom tinctures, tea blends, compost, and grow kits, as well as free community classes about mushroom biology, cultivation, and foraging. They are also focused on sustainability and "green energy" techniques.

Eventually Smugtown Mushrooms hopes to work with urban agriculture and neighborhood revival groups. In June 2012 they began selling organic produce on Railroad Street on the way to the Public Market, after noting the lack of organic options available there. They hope to expand this operation as well.

Smugtown opened their headquarters in the Market District in 2013. In addition to a growing space, it also hosts art exhibits and sells Smugtown merchandise and a miscellaneous assortment of used books.

The name "Smugtown" comes from the book Smugtown USA by G. Curtis Gerling.


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