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1659 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2014)
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Monday: Closed
585 241 0081
Wheelchair Accessible
[WWW]2013-09-06 Food About Town
[WWW]2014-06-11 City Newspaper

Sultan Lebanese Restaurant & Bakery is a Lebanese restaurant in Mount Hope Plaza. They were recognized by City Newspaper as one of their [WWW]Cheap Eats 2013.

Opened August 28, 2013. Coming to the Mall at Greece Ridge in 2017.


Sultan Menu0.jpgMenu page 1, 10-2013 Sultan Menu1.jpgMenu page 2, 10-2013 Sultan Menu2.jpgMenu page 3, 10-2013
Sultan Menu3.jpgMenu page 4, 10-2013 Sultan_VCP.jpgVegetarian Combo Plate, 07-2015


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2013-08-26 14:38:13   I was told they would be open Wednesday, August 28th. —RichardSarkis

2013-08-28 14:51:38   Opening day was great! Wasn't sure what to expect, but the flavor profile is wonderful! Have been waiting for Shwarma to come to Rochester, and this didn't disappoint... As long as the food stays good, this is likely to be a weekly treat! Yumm! —fratrow

2013-08-28 18:20:48   Wow, a first day review and it's that great huh? And from a user that's never been here before. Hmmmmmm... I'll wait for a few more real opinions, thanks anyway. —DottieHoffmann

2013-10-26 20:58:11   Very tasty and inexpensive. It is more like a deli, but there are about a dozen tables. I had the Mashawi combo, wife had the Shawarma combo. Will be back to try the Lahmajins. —thomaspawlik

2013-11-07 19:59:10   Saw today's review in the D and C and decided to try it. Tried the shawarma combo (beef, chicken, tabbouleh, and hummus), fattoush, falafel and za'atar manakeesh. Shawarma was great, preferred the chicken but I think it was due to how delicious the toum was. Tabbouleh was mostly parsley, meaning it was delicious and not that soggy bulgur mess that most places serve. The fattoush was really delicious, I finished the whole thing when I only ordered it for a taste with the intention of taking the rest home. I thought the falafel was dry, but I'm starting to think I'm just not a falafel guy. The za'atar manakeesh was fantastic. Service was fast (understand that you order at the counter and then sit and the owner brings it to you, get your own drinks kinda place), tasty food, clean place. Will be back. —karlos

2014-07-06 12:25:33   We like middle eastern food, so we decided to try Sultan on Mount Hope ave. Ordered the Falafel appetizer and the Shawarma Combo. The Falafel appetizer is 6 roundish pieces of Falafel. I have had the falafel at Sinbads, have made it myself and made it using the prepared boxed ingredients purchase at Wegmans. I would rate the Sultan's falafel as really bad. It looked good on the plate, nicely browned, but the taste was like eating play dough. (Yes, when I was a kid I tried it) They should try making it with the Wegmans boxed mix, much much better. There was a small container of sauce on the plate, but it did not do much to improve the falafel.
The Shawarma combo had hummus, Chicken and beef made in a standing rotating rotisserie, and some salad accompanied by Pita bread.
Hummus was fine.
Chicken was ok, needed a little salt.
Beef was totally tasteless, little shavings of beef that could have been boiled instead of roasted.
Salad could have used a lot less parsley. The parsley was overpowering.
Overall a disappointing experience. I will have to stick to Aladdins for Lebanese food. —Ricardo

2014-10-27 09:05:49   We enjoyed lunch here this past Saturday. The owner is very pleasant and the food is outstanding. We shared an appetizer of hummus. I enjoyed the beef shish kabab and Gary had the beef shawarma. It was excellent! we look forward to our next meal there. —Bob&Gary

2015-01-17 15:52:32   We have been here several times over the past year and each time it has been a pleasure. It appears to be a family-run business, the owner is always warm, friendly and helpful. The food has been consistently flavorful and well-prepared. Our standard is sharing a shawarma combo plate and lahmajin manakeesh, along with trying something new. The prices are very reasonable, tempting you to sample something unfamiliar. —jasons

2015-07-26 18:20:14   THE place to go for fresh, well-prepared, tasty Lebanese foods. Go here, and go often. The falafel is THE best in Rochester, and everything we've tried has consistently been superb. Great guys behind the counter, relatively inexpensive for the high quality, and a cool new ordering system. —URalum