Admin Note (May 2015): This was apparently a to-do list for Ant Hill Cooperative, now defunct. We are keeping it up for historical purposes.

Updated and approved on 7/12/05

Pre-dinner Kitchen Clean and Weekend Clean Finish by 6:00 pm (before the cooks plan to start dinner) every night.

Dinner Cook Sunday through Thursday.

Post-dinner Kitchen Clean Every night except Fridays and Saturdays, finishing by 10:30 pm.

General Kitchen Cleanup Two chore positions, Wednesday and Sunday.

Kitchen Manager (KM) This is not a frequently rotating position.

Shoppers The shoppers go out and buy the food at 1) the Public Market, Abundance Co-op, 2) Wegmans, and BJs/Sam's Club.


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2005-07-12 23:35:12   "Provide menus (complete with ingredient lists) to the KM by 11:59 pm Friday the prior week, or risk not being reimbursed." Isn't the real risk here that the ingredients won't be available, or that the cook would have to go buy them hirself? Oh look at that awesome gender-neutral pronoun I just used. —TobinFricke

2008-06-30 19:42:04   What is this in reference to? —JoeAnderson

2008-07-01 01:29:53   This appears to be an Ant Hill utility page. It is currently orphaned (no pages link to it), although Google can still find it. —DaveMahon