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4 Owens Rd, Brockport, NY 14420 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2010)
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM
Phone / FAX
585 637 8365/ 637 2282
Info Needed
<sunnking AT sunnking DOT com>
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Sunnking is an electronics scrap recycling center located in Brockport providing electronic recycling, asset management and secure data destruction. They are New York State EPA [WWW]R2 Certified

There is no fee for residents to drop off [WWW]acceptable electronics for recycling at their retail store located at 203 Main Street, Brockport, NY 14420. Residents can drop off electronics Monday - Saturday at the retail center from 11am-7pm.

Sunnking also sells refurbished computer equipment at Sunnking Retail, and they also have a thriving and varied [WWW]eBay presence.

You can visit their website for a list of [WWW]acceptable materials and locations for [WWW]e-scrap drop offs.


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2007-04-18 21:19:29   My wife reports that she dropped off (by appointment) a carload of miscellaneous electronics flotsam this afternoon quickly and easily, with the only charge being $15 for three monitors. For some reason, my home office feels strangely barren. —RyanTucker