The Cabot Group

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130 Linden Oaks, Rochester NY, 14625 [Directions]
585 381 1500
<info AT thecabotgroup DOT com>

The Cabot Group, headquartered in Rochester, New York, was founded in 1972 to provide real estate asset management services. The firm has grown to number some 100 employees providing a wide spectrum of commercial real estate services to a diverse group of clients, who are either headquartered in the Upstate New York region or who have real estate interests in the region.

Those services include strategic planning, tenant representation, asset disposition, debt and equity financing, property management, site selection, property brokerage, facilities management, construction administration, lease administration, property tax reduction and consulting.

The firm represents privately held and publicly traded corporations, healthcare organizations, municipalities, professional practices, real estate investment trusts, financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations, colleges and universities and private investors. They own University Place Apartments and Greece Commons Apartments and manage the Mt. Hope Lofts.


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2012-04-06 09:29:48   Hands down the rudest apartment management group outside NYC. Have lived at the University Place Apartments for 16 months and they are the only thing dragging the building down. They have no regard for the tenants and don't even attempt to be polite. It's hard for me to even express how rude they really have been every time I've had to deal with them. Look into other housing not managed by them because they are the WORST. —catwhisperer 2013-10-10 11:01:56   Affordable apartments, attentive 24/7 maintenance, and a range of locations.

When I was looking for apartments, the Cabot Group offered me a whole array of options in and around the Rochester area. Their rent rates and units are competitive whether you re a young adult fresh out of college or an upper middle class family.

Finally, the maintenance staff is wonderful. Any problem you have, they re there; morning, noon, or night. Very friendly, respectful, and genuine.

Worth looking into if you re in the market for a place to call home. —ParaBellum

2013-10-11 13:16:49   If the glowing comment by "Parabellum" looks like marketing copy, it doesn't take much effort to find that according to [WWW] ( the IP address the comment was posted from ) to discover that it was coming from a machine named "". But I'm sure that's entirely coincidental. —richmulvey