University Place Apartments

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328 East Main Street, Rochester NY, 14604 [Directions]
Wheelchair Accessible?
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Yes, within weight limits
Property Manager
Barrington Residential
Property Manager's Phone
585 546 2240
Property Manager's Website
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University Place aka Chestnut Square is an apartment complex owned by Barrington Residential, located in the East End, near the intersection of East Main Street and East Avenue. Apartments range from studio to 2 bedroom units.


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2007-09-22 22:29:17   Does anyone have expirence with this building? —JohnJoseph

2012-04-06 09:24:12   Have lived in this building for 16 months and luckily have only 2 months left here. While the location is terrific right on E. Main in between Chestnut St & East Ave, there are many downfalls to this building. First and most important the management and maintenance of the The Cabot Group is appalling. They are the rudest people on Earth. They have no respect for the tenants and don't make any effort to be polite. There is constantly construction in the building and they make no efforts to do anything at a reasonable hour, even on Good Friday/first day of Passover they began drilling outside my window at 7:30 AM. When I confronted the management on this they basically told me to deal with it and that since it wasn't a recognized Holiday for their company they didn't care. Every encounter with management has gone like this. Secondly the maintenance are terrible. It takes time and time again of harassing them until they come take care of a problem and they have yet to actually fix anything in my apartment. I have not had cold or even cool water in my shower the ENTIRE 16 months here and there seems to be nothing they can do about it. My sliding closet door was broken when I moved in and they have not been able to do anything about it and they've come here twice for that sole reason! It's crazy! Then there's the fact you have to pay $45/month to park in a garage 3 blocks away or $60/month for their private parking lot. Even if you have groceries or a couple loads of laundry there is nowhere to park for a few minutes without paying a parking meter or getting a ticket. Not to mention 90% of the meters on the adjacent street don't actually work and just eat your money no matter how many times I've called the city about them. Then there's the Salvation Army's Homeless Men Shelter next door. There are constantly large groups of homeless men smoking cigarettes outside in the small alley-like 1 way street and when you come home late at night they all try hitting on you. It's not a comfortable situation at all. I've seen these people peeing outside the University Place apartment over 15 times and I've seen these people LITERALLY hitting a crack pipe when you walk past to get into your apt building. And that's not even the worst part! People are constantly being dropped off at this mens shelter and they have conversations in there cars for 5-10 mins blocking the 1-way exit and your trapped just trying to leave your home. Not to mention to high schoolers constantly fighting outside the entrance in the afternoons that you have to avoid getting punched when you come in. Not to mention half the other dirty horrible things that happen here. For the extreme amount of money you pay you can do way better than this. —catwhisperer