The Men's Room

2430 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14618
Hours (as of September 2012 per Website)
Tuesday - Thursday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM to 7:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
585 461 5740
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed

The Men's Room is an upscale barbershop on Monroe Avenue in Brighton, offering barbering in addition to waxing, manicures, massages, and other spa services.

Shop is nicely decorated with amenities like a plasma TV, foosball table, and beverages (pop, coffee, water, etc.)

The barber, Gill, is a personable fellow. He uses scissors more than most other barbers (as opposed to clippers), trims the neck and sideburns with a straightrazor, trims eyebrows, massages the scalp with a vibrating glove, and washes and shampoos after cutting. The extra service does come at a price though (about twice the going rate of area barber shops).

If you're a secure man, a brow wax takes only 10-15 minutes and costs $12 (plus tip).

On October 27 2015 the Men's Room moved to a new location, next to the Char Broil Family Restaurant, re-developing an old restaurant that was vacant for over a decade.


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2007-07-14 08:05:06   I have had 2 cuts here. This shop is under new management. The new owner and her husband own/run it, and I recently had a cut by the new owner. The fact that she is the new owner should be her biggest secret. She's neither professional nor tactful. After telling me that she was the new owner but she had her husband deal with most of the problems, she went on to tell me she's thinking of raising her rates because she called around to other salons and they charge more. Not only did she forget she's running a barber shop and not a salon, she also doesn't give a good enough cut to charge more. Had my first cut not been with Jen (an associate, as the owner made sure to point out), I would never go back to this place. If you go, go see Jen, or just about anyone other than the owner. —CharlieBeltram

2007-07-19 23:35:59   I am a member at Midtown Athletic Club, and they had a promotion going on with The Mens Room. I went in for a cut and a hot shave and what an experience. Friendly staff and got offered a beer or water when I walked in...I had a beer:) Place looked great, and felt very comfortable. Great place for a guy to relax. This is not your average Barber Shop. I took a tour from the owner Rebecca(who was extremly nice) and they have everything...waxing, massage , pedicure. I was suprised! Gotta stop in and check this place out. —TommyGun

2007-07-23 22:06:06   Great place! I was refered by the owner Craig and what a great job he did with the new renovations. Went in for a haircut and came out with a pedicure and a cut. Steph was awsome and the scalp massage was an experience. —MikeExp

2007-10-10 22:51:33   I've had the pleasure of seeing Rebecca for the past six months or so. The place seems very well run (though at last check they had no wine glasses) and Rebecca gives a good haircut with an engaging personality. The staff is accommodative of scheduling changes and Rebecca keeps an impeccably clean barber's chair. —JohnCocktosten

2008-02-03 10:35:21   I have only had great experiences at the Men's Room. Both owners are very nice and honest. It is great for a man to have the option to go to a place where he can receive traditionally woman's spa services. No matter how my day is going, I can always rely on leaving the Men's room relaxed. I would call the Men's Room a peaceful sanctuary where I can go to forget about my problems and just enjoy. I have been a loyal customer for over a year and would recommend this place to any man. —StanGold

2010-01-12 15:44:48   Went there on Dec. 30 for a shave. Very nice atmosphere, friendly staff. The shave was very relaxing. Would definitely go back to them. —MattHenshaw

2010-09-21 13:49:52   Came in around May '09 for a haircut and straight razor shave. The haircut was pretty good (not better than I've had at the pole and more expensive), but the shave was awful. The girl was nice but clearly didn't know what she was doing. I had many cuts and lots of razor burn afterward - far worse than the shaves I perform myself with my DE. —SargtGrumbles

2012-12-26 22:08:50   Basically perfect. —dphil97