The Pittsford Pub & Grille

60 N Main Street, Pittsford NY 14534
Hours (as of December 2015)
Monday - Wednesday: 11:00AM to Midnight
Thursday: 11:00AM to 12:30PM
Friday: 11:00AM to 2:00AM
Saturday: 11:30AM to 1:30AM
Sunday: Noon to 10:30PM
585 586 4650
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Pittsford Pub is a golf-themed restaurant and bar located next to JoJo in Pittsford.


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2007-10-06 18:25:30   great 30 to 40 something crowd —RobertSmith

2008-06-14 20:54:54   Do you like waiting 45 minutes for a table, 25 minutes for your appetizers, then another hour for your entree (which they forget to tell you, they were all out of what you ordered so you have to then order something different and wait 25 more minutes for that to come out), and then do you like soggy disgusting buns on your sandwich? Well do you? Then this is the place for you! Come on over to the Pittsford Pub, where life is worth living. Roll up in your Benz or Lexus, make sure your trophy wife is nice and polished, and be sure to outfit those kids (who don't know about your mistress) in some HOT pink polo shirts because they surely idolize you and want to be a douchebag just like you when they grow up! It's all in good fun over here at Pittsford's favorite place to grab a bite! —AngryCustomer

2008-06-15 12:13:30   Clearly, you were at a Webster pub. Wrong city slogan.

But, modulo your anti-suburban diatribe, you are right about the food: not too good. —RottenChester

2008-06-15 12:26:23   Sounds like someone is a little bitter. The crowd at the Pittsford Pub can be a little overbearing at times. Well, maybe not overbearing but you can see stereotypical Pittsford-ites there. Anyway, I like the food a lot, the decor is nice and the staff has always been good to me. On happy hour times, near the bar and/or outside can be pretty crowded. —BadFish

2008-06-27 09:31:46   Nice place to have a drink and a nosh. They have a decent selection of beers - not a big selection of craft beers, but still some variety outside of the megabrews - and a big patio to enjoy in the summer. —EastSideStephen

2009-05-20 14:49:15   local place to me that i go when i'm out of options. very mixed crowd, fresh turned 21 to seasoned pro. drinks are fine, prices are ok. nothing too special, however the outdoor patio is nice and the one bartender that's always dancing around can be entertaining. —Leisel

2009-05-27 19:20:28   Went for sandwiches and a beer- nothing special but edible. It seemed that our waitress was moving in slo took far too long to get our food and our check. Not sure I'd go out of my way to go back. —ShawnaLusk

2009-08-31 17:40:07   Fact - Despite some of the negativity within this site, and aside from Thirsty's, The Pittsford Pub is the only other establishment within Pittsford, that has remained opened, under the same ownership, for approx. 17 years. They must be doing something right!! —Dee

2009-09-18 21:37:11   Dee, their owner is a professional golfer. I highly doubt he'll ever be hurting for cash flow for the bar. —idontknow

2010-03-05 18:37:44   The food was good but not memorable and the beer selection was weak. The service was outstanding, however. We had a very nice waitress. Would I go back? Maybe with a group of friends and I'd only get food if I hadn't eaten already. Typical pub fare. —BatGuano

2010-06-01 16:39:24   I used to be a Pittsford Pub hater b/c I thought that the service was bad, and b/c the crowd seemed to be more interested looking like they belong there rather than eating or drinking. My wife recently dragged me back and I decided to try the chicken french. For a pub, it was outstanding. Not Grinnell's good, but probably the best chicken french that I've had outside of Grinnell's. The service wasn't great, but I'd go back. —ScottLaRock

2011-03-03 10:40:24   After reading some of the comments, I wasn't sure what my experience would be at the Pittsford Pub, but overall I'd say I had a positive experience. I did enjoy the atmosphere. Our group was in the backroom, where there are only about 4 or so tables, so I didn't have to deal with the majority of the other people in the restaurant. Our waitress was very nice and very pleasant and very personable. For the food - it wasn't antything special. I'm not sure what I was expecting, since I'd never been there, but it wasn't anything too memorable. Not bad, but not special. My main critisism is the price of drinks! I found them to be very expensive. With a group of four going out, I'd select another location in the future. For a pub, where you go to have a few drinks, I found them to be quite overpriced. It wasn't a bad experience, but it didn't blow me away with anything really great. —saraokirk

2012-04-02 20:42:44   Pittsford Pub does not honor its 25-cent wing promotion, even though it advertised this special on its Facebook cover photo only two weeks ago. The manager told me tonight that the only way to order wings is off the appetizer menu... for $9. She did not offer any compromise to make up for what she insisted was a miscommunication. We were a party of eight, and Pittsford Pub lost our business. We went next door to JoJo. —LaurenSodano

2014-05-25 14:16:32   Feel the Pittsford Pub has one of the best fish frys in the area. While they are a bit pricey, the quality of the fish, beer batter, fries, chowder and even the tartar sauce make it worthwhile. I was there on Friday night and was impressed again. —bayton

2016-11-30 10:26:53   Went to the Pub for the first time in a while a couple of weeks ago. They've remodeled it inside. Really nice looking place and the food/menu is decent, though a little pricey for what it is. Place was packed. —DE