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2005-12-02 15:45:   It is always a good place to get a large meal with a small bill. (Personally, I recommend the Louisiana crab dip.)—DevinRosenbauer

2005-12-03 22:16:45   I've tried many Chicken Tenders/Fingers in my life and I absolutely love the ones at Tully's. I also had my picture taken with their Turtle mascot that sits out front. :) —AndrewWheeland

2006-01-03 16:54:17   The Buffalo Chicken Fingers are awesome. Available as an app for $6.99 or as a Dinner with more fingers and fries for $8.79 —RickUrwin

2006-01-26 18:25:32   They have an amazing Cheese Baked Ziti plate!! —PeteB

2006-02-24 21:19:12   love the buffalo chicken sandwich —JcPop

2006-04-05 18:03:46   Their Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad is my favorite lunch. —MattDana

2006-09-18 07:53:19   I've gone there once for an after-work get together with co-workers and the fried bar food was all really good. The atmosphere/focus really is all about television, with one hanging every 6 feet or so. Sports bars just aren’t my kind of place. —ZedOmega

2006-10-20 15:33:20   Totally dig their seafood chowder! —CatherineConnolly

2006-11-25 12:46:33   My boyfriend and I are big fans of the crab dip appetizer. —AdrienneDahler

2007-03-23 08:38:08   I think this place is overrated. Everytime I go here I am served up a greasy mess. —KimBee

2007-08-19 20:19:20   Grim times on Jefferson Road...

Tully's maintains it has the "world's greatest chicken tenders." I suspect the voting for such a prestigious award was fixed. We generally don't eat tenders, but we are fairly sure that we've never had a worse tender. Woefully bland. The batter may have been made from recycled newspaper. Or paper mache.

The entrees were not much better. The beer was ice cold...and, no, that is not a compliment. A hoegarden or a guiness should NOT be served at absolute zero.

However, on the plus side, the service was definitely fine, and, if one wants to watch a sporting event such as soccer or rugby, Tullys—sadly and suprisingly—is probably one's only choice in Rochester. —JoshFritsch

2007-08-20 16:56:43   We went to Tully's just the other day and my wife and I both loved the Chicken Tenders with the Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce —PeteB

2007-08-21 16:13:51   Indeed, not even liquid helium should be served at absolute zero! —JohnLam