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I was relieved from my duties as an RIT student as a result of discipline problems at the start of the century, but I still live in town and recently ran for mayor. Currently, I call the lovely [WWW]Corn Hill neighborhood home. I operate my own small business [WWW]Penguin PBX Solutions and enjoy disturbing the peace.


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2005-06-27 11:28:03   Are you the same Chris Maj who's [WWW]running for mayor? —TobinFricke

2005-06-27 12:45:39   Yes, that's me ! Although it's more like all these ideas got together and picked me to run for mayor :) —ChrisMaj

2005-06-27 14:39:06   Chris, great platform. I'm assuming you've seen the rocwiki page on sprawl? —FarMcKon

2006-01-05 00:14:24   Are you still around? What's your next move? —MichaelComet

2006-09-21 08:47:46   I am sorry that you didn't win the Mayor's Race now look at the City. You going to run again?? —RavenTubiolo