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I was made in Rochester in 1981. I'm a native of Irondequoit, a Niagara University alumnus, and a current city dweller.

I'm a full time cafe manager at a downtown coffee shop. It's a living.

I still use adverbs. You remember adverbs, right?

I am a part time political enthusiast, history fanatic, philosopher, armchair urban planner, and I specialize in the art of conversation with caffeinated beverages. For better, and maybe for worse, I love this town - I love its history, its architecture, its food, and frankly its smugness. I believe it is time we lived in a city worthy of that smugness once again.

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2007-02-14 17:13:30   Hey. I'd dig sitting down and chatting about running a cafe sometime if you are interested. If you ware interested, you send me an e-mail to MyRocWikiUserName @ ? —FarMcKon