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Photo taken at Hi-Tor by RobertPolyn

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2005-08-02 11:24:35   Hi Jay, how'd you find out about the wiki? —TobinFricke

2005-08-02 17:48:53   Rob Polyn and I go way back, he told me about it when there were three pages on the wiki, but I didn't get around to adding anything until recently... what can I say? I'm not much of an early adopter. —JayUnnikrishnan

2005-08-14 16:54:00   psst, FarMcKon wrote the Pizzeria Americana review. I just fixed some typos. ;-) —RyanTucker

2007-05-02 21:45:53   Hey Jay! …talk about the wiki? …and describe a foodfight or how undergrads zombied on homework ate the wiki, maybe, but only with anthropological methods now since i'm in too deep, and even then, nothing here is truly new—not yet anyway! —JohnLam

2008-09-19 16:02:14   You hereby ADOPT JayUnnikrishnan/ToDo, an Orphaned Page - (;>]