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100 Alexander Street, Rochester NY, 14620 [Directions] 1 Public Market, Rochester NY [Directions] 955 Genesee Street, Rochester, NY 14611 [Directions]
(Corner Alexander & S. Clinton) (Old Java Joe's location) Brooks Landing
Monday-Thursday: 7:00AM to 11:00PM Tuesday: 7:00AM to 2;00PM Monday-Thursday: 7:00AM to 10:00PM
Friday: 7:00AM to Midnight Thursday: 7:00AM to 2;00PM Friday: 7:00AM to 11:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to Midnight Saturday: 6:00AM to 2:00PM Saturday: 8:00AM to 11:00PM
Sunday: 8:00AM to 11:00PM Sunday: 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Fifth Line
585 454 7140 585 232 5282 (JAVA) 585 287 5282 (JAVA)


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2007-03-27 21:32:14   Wow, edit 68 whacked lots of prose, some of it too thick, but some of it also good. In trying to retain every fact and yet keep the article compact while converting to the active voice, maybe i left unnecessarily thick prose, but the current strings of sentences/facts also reads too clumsily and uneven. It read lots better then than it reads now, even ignoring existing errors. I would like to restore some of the previous edits, probably when i get new photos. —JohnLam

2007-03-30 11:04:48   Looks like DoctorRachel also deleted my comment: Here's what I wrote on 3/27/07 2007-03-27 08:11:01 @Kimbee: The person who edited your comment came from IP address: (Disclosure: I have never been to Boulder C Co but would like to try it.)" —BadFish

2007-03-30 20:06:12   This might sound a bit extreme, but I suggest that all comments for Boulder Coffee be removed, and that comments (and perhaps editing in general) be prohibited for this site. It could be noted on the B.C. page that there is some dispute about the quality of the coffee /environment at Boulder, and that advocates of this business have not observed wiki guidelines. —GrahamSaathoff

2007-03-30 14:35:03   Okay, first my comment was deleted and next it was moved to the "talk" section. I feel it is important to remain on this page, not only the comment but the fact it was deleted. Adam, please feel free to leave a comment on my page as to why you feel it should be in the talk section but I'd like to again place it here. "2007-03-30 11:04:48 Looks like DoctorRachel also deleted my comment: Here's what I wrote on 3/27/07 2007-03-27 08:11:01 @Kimbee: The person who edited your comment came from IP address: (Disclosure: I have never been to Boulder C Co but would like to try it.)" (Adam — no hard feelings to you, only to the person who deleted it.) —BadFish

2007-03-30 20:46:21   Does it clearly say on one of the main about-the-wiki pages that you shouldn't edit other people's comments? I would think it'd be a given, but clearly some think it's ok to delete comments they don't like. Maybe we should have a nice clear paragraph somewhere, perhaps on the Wikiquette page, reminding people to leave other people's comments alone. The correct way to deal with a comment you don't like is to respond to it in a mature way, not delete it. Also, I don't think everyone realizes that nothing is ever truly deleted here, so think before you write. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-30 20:54:10   Jessica/Raeann/yourmothers/Boulder coffee: How was my comment straight out mean or slanderous? It was an honest opinion and review. I could, upon further inspection, have launched into a long list of the things I did not like but chose to keep it short and simple. And to assume that someone who doesnt like your coffee automatically is a "Starbucks goer" and listens to country music? Way immature. Talk about bad wording and tone. —KimBee

2007-03-30 21:18:00   What does a public computer have anything to do with it? Some of us find it suspicious that several new users come on within days of each other, deleting negative reviews about Boulder. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-30 21:26:10   You have plenty of good reviews. A couple of reviewers don't like your coffee. So what? Whenever I've been there, the place is packed. What does it matter if a couple people don't like your coffee? Everyone has different tastes. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-03-30 21:30:00   Jessica / All - I hope that we can stop this flame war. I think that everyone will be best served if no future comments about Boulder Coffee (or any other business) are edited, and if this behavior is not encouraged or rewarded. Jessica — by making an issue of negative comments about Boulder Coffee, you only make them more visible and prominent. If you feel that a comment or review is inappropriate, you should respond in a mature, appropriate manner, especially as you are a representative of a local business. —GrahamSaathoff

2007-03-30 21:31:21   That said, I don't have much of an opinion one way or the other about Boulder at this point. I'm just tired of seeing this wiki argument go on and on. —GrahamSaathoff

2007-03-30 21:38:29   I long for the old days, when we debated the merits of Democrat and Chronicle entry, beat each other into a bloody pulp for 12 minutes, agreed there was room for all of us and moved on. I have to leave now and go cross Jessica off my list of Christmas Card recipients. —JohnMoriello

2007-03-31 10:26:03   Again with the editing of KimBee's comment! This time it was by DoctorRachel, and it just returned the comment to its original form, but I don't think that's ok. If Kim wants to delete the part about other people editing it, that's fine, but I don't think DoctorRachel should have done that—maybe it wasn't intended to be malicious in this case, but... —RachelBlumenthal

2011-03-25 13:44:32   I think the way that Boulder Coffee is laid out is ugly when the reviews, website, and alcohol are spread out so far. This is not how it's been done in other pages as well see The Distillery or MacGregor's. The traditional form of the alcohol tag is yes or no, the information is contained in the description. If two of the three places match their offers, and they offer pretty much everything under the sun, then listing it as such is of little value. That type of information should be in the description area. —DamianKumor

2011-03-25 15:19:52   I guess we have a point of contention here Damian...I think the new version is quite nice and crisp. What do others think? —PeteB

2011-03-28 09:21:46   I can understand listing the alcohol as yes or no (though I do feel that listing what types of alcohol are served there, as some restaurants serve only beer, or only liquor). However, I do feel there is benefit in listing which of the locations serves alcohol. I would not want to go to a restaurant under the pretense that they serve alcohol, only to find that they in fact do not. —FrankAshcraft

2011-03-28 09:26:34   In terms of the layout, though I realize it was my work and I may seem biased towards it, I feel the new layout has a more organized and professional appearance as compared to The Distillery or MacGregor's. I actually would suggest that those pages also follow a similar layout as the new boulder layout. What is it that you find ugly about the tables? Perhaps we can come to a compromise? —FrankAshcraft

2011-03-28 09:34:26   Also I agree with you Damian that the website and reviews look better not stretched across the page. —FrankAshcraft

2011-03-28 09:42:24   Annnnddd ignore my past comments ;-) misunderstood what you were saying Damian. I agree with your changes. If there were different reviews based on the location however, how would we separate those out?

Also do you feel that this table layout would also look good on other multi-location restaurants such as The Distillery and MacGregor's? —FrankAshcraft

2011-03-28 11:34:18   It don't think it'll be possible to nicely separate the reviews and it'd be a first if that happened. If you set the precedent you'd have to do that for every place with multiple locations, like Salvatores or Pontillos —DamianKumor

2011-06-13 15:53:14   new location opened in the former Spin Cafe location on Park Ave (739 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607), but the table is such a mess, so if anyone wants to add it, be my guest —TippingPoint

2011-06-13 16:20:04   Maybe it's time to just say Various —DamianKumor

2011-07-03 22:43:35   Just joined and don't want to edit the page directly yet–but somehow I doubt that "planning for the 2007" BoulderFest is ongoing, four years after I vaguely remember going to it. What's the best way to change that tidbit of out-of-dateness? —RyanRandall

2012-06-08 19:52:28   Can we get rid of the Alexander St. photos at the bottom? They're too dark to be useful. Even when you click to enlarge, they're too big and blurry. —EileenF

2012-06-08 21:41:34   @ Eileen - given that they were posted by someone who hasn't been active on the wiki in about 5 years, I don't think they'd be missed.

2012-07-31 17:49:44   They have another location on State Street but I'm too afraid to edit that complicated table. —EileenF

2012-11-12 19:22:03   Ok, the Boulder page is a mess. I am adding the comments section back in, moving them off the page to make room for a novel about the business goes against what a true wiki is. —badfish