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I am a 4th year grad student in [WWW]Economics at the University of Rochester . When I am not working, or day-dreaming about not working, I stare blankly at the TV or the computer - so I like screens. I am rather vain, for no good reason. I eat out a lot, and I usually like what I eat, because I didn't have to spend time cooking. My restaurant reviews will tend to be glowing; sorry for the lack of information. I like dogs and dislike cats. Sometimes my feelings for cats extends to people.


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2007-08-30 19:25:57   I just wanted to let you know, I was a former employee at First Taste and am good friends with the owner. They will probably not be reopening anytime soon if at all. It is very unfortunate, I loved working there and the food was fantastic. I talked to the owner a couple weeks ago, he informed me that the owner of Camille's (next door) owns the entire building and would not renew First Tastes's lease there fore forcing it to close. So you might want to boycott Camilles. I did not want to post this info on the page because I dont really want to bad mouth anyone publicly. But you being a big First Taste fan, I though you should know.

-Andrea —HyunMee

2009-01-05 15:27:54   I moved to Phoenix Arizona three years ago and am very sad to hear the news. At one point I had the recipe for the garlic sauce on the cajun chicken sandwich. Seeing that I'll not be able to have one at First taste again, I would like to duplicate this here in AZ. Anyone know the garlic sauce recipe? —RandyHuckabone