Voula's Greek Sweets

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439 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2016)
Monday - Wednesday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Thursday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Friday - Sunday: 10:00AM to 4:00PM
585 242 0935
Wheelchair Accessible
<voulasgreeksweets AT gmail DOT com>
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Voula's Greek Sweets is a Greek and Mediterranean restaurant and bakery located in Monroe Village. They also offer catering.

They opened in January 2012.


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2012-03-22 16:14:00   Standard greek sweet offerings such as baklava and kataifi along with other things less commonly found around Rochester. They also have a small selection of savory things such as spanakopita and tyropita and dolmades. Voula and her mom are delightful and the sweets are delicious. Everything is fresh and home-made. Stop by and give them a try, Rochester needs more ethnic bakeries like this. —karlos

2012-10-07 13:59:09   We ate here three times last week: stopped for dessert on Saturday night after dinner somewhere else; for lunch on Wedneday; and, on Friday for dinner. I guess that says that my family and I like it. We bought one or more of each sweet save two on Saturday just because we wanted to try everything. Everything was very good. The standouts were the baklava, the rice pudding, the honey-soaked cookies, and the chocolate covered I-forgot-what-the name-of-it was pastry made of phyllo and filled with dried fruit and nuts. The last sweet is their own invention. The owner let on that she was going to have a prasopita (leek pie special) on Wednesday and I knew I was going to be in Rochester with my mother for an appointment, so I asked the owner to save me some. She did and it was delicious. We also had horiatiki salad, kafteri (great), and of course sweets: a chocolate brownie sort of thing and halva (a must order). All very good, the salad especially so. We talked with the owner and she mentioned a vegan spanikopita special on Friday and the chance of it selling out. I reserved some for Friday because I was going to be in Rochester again to pick my daughter up from the U of R, and we wanted to try it. It was some of the best spanikopita we have had bar none. I say "we" only because I was able to get some from my daughter through a combination of threats and guilt. I ordered the gemista for myself; it was also very good. I grudgingly shared mine. The dolmades were good too: served with tzatziki. Desserts again of course: that chocolate brownie sort of thing and bougatsa(?). The greek coffee is excellent too. Friendly and welcomng service. Highly recommnended. —rxscabin

2013-06-02 20:00:36   Very charming place! —EileenF

2014-05-19 11:44:33   I LOVE THIS PLACE! Went once. And couldn't wait to go back again. So went back 3 days later. Brought a different person each time. I can't tell enough people about it! I love it! Did I say that already? The food is phenomenal. —LorraineRizzo