Wayne Wilson

Birth name Aliases
Wayne Wilson None
Birth date Birth place
January 28, 1963 Canada
Date of death Place of death
Known for
Hockey Coach of RIT
Hockey Coach
Hockey Player

Wayne Wilson is best known in Rochester as the coach of RIT's Ice Hockey Team since 1999. He oversaw the transition from Division III to Division I play and is notable for the program's successes.

Wilson grew up in Montreal but his family moved to Guelph, Ontario when he was sixteen. A defenceman, he played junior hockey for the Guelph Platers in the Ontario Hockey Association, then went on to college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He played four years (1980–1984) for the NCAA Division I Bowling Green Falcons. He spent several years as an assistant coach at Bowling Green before taking the job as head coach at RIT in 1999. Wilson won the [wikipedia]Spencer Penrose Award in 2010

Wilson and his wife Lynn live in Pittsford.


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