Whitehouse Liquor

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650 Hylan Drive, Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of July 2013 per Website)
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: Noon to 6:00PM
585 473 4049
Wheelchair Accessible

Whitehouse Liquor sells wines and spirits. They automatically match all advertised sales at other area discount stores like Marketview. They often have free wine tastings and seminars as well.

They were originally located at 1720 Monroe Avenue but moved to Henrietta, near the Wegmans, in September 2012.


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2006-12-14 10:51:06   Some seriously great prices here. I have not seen prices as low as they are at Whitehouse anywhere in Rochester or in Florida for good wine. —BadFish

2007-04-07 15:58:27   Seems like a decent store, but one of the managers is a complete jerk. I had an out of state license (I'm almost 25) as I had just moved here and he rejected it because it didn't look like the license he had in some government issued book he has, as if the government is always correct...In addition he was just rude about it even when I offered to show him other forms of ID. All he had to say was "I'm sorry I'm not sure about your license..I cant serve you... please come back when you get a NY state license." Instead he grabbed the bottle of wine, told me to get out, and accused me of using a fake license. I will never go back there again because of his behavior. —JasonGog

2007-04-26 09:57:43   Hmm, Jason, your experience seems to contrast with mine. It's too bad you had a problem with your ID, as my experiences at Whitehouse have always been great. The Prestige Card nets some fantastic deals, they are usually offering some kind of tasting when I'm there, the staff is both intelligent and helpful and it's a close drive from my home. —RochesterGuy

2011-05-27 16:10:17   The guy with dark hair is very rude, and gave me a few of the worst recommendations I ever tried. I won't be coming back.

2011-12-22 12:50:39   This is my favorite liquor store. Wish I still lived nearby. Great prices (and they'll match any advertised prices by Market View). The staff has always been extremely knowledgable and helpful every time I've asked for assistance, and contrary to other reviewers' complaints I have never found any of the staff "rude". Rudeness is deliberate and rare, and usually provoked. Perhaps the help was brusque or stand-offish, but, again that's never been my experience here. In short, they know their liquor, and will steer you in the direction of what you want, every time. —ErikReinert

2012-08-31 18:03:23   BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT - No longer on Monroe Ave... This store and Lisa's in Penfield are both now owned by Wegman family members. They can't sell spirits in their grocery stores, so they're getting liquor licenses under various family members names and buying independents... How GREEDY is this family!!!!!

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, this location is going to open under the ownership of Jim Yaeger as Pinnacle Liquor and Wine —sarab32

2012-09-07 14:16:13   Whitehouse has been owned for quite some time by a Wegman family member - this is nothing particularly new, but it's been in the news recently. I personally have always enjoyed Whitehouse, particularly for their whiskey/bourbon selections. In fact, I don't think there's a better selection for brown liquors anywhere in the City. From what I hear, they're going to have a dedicated whiskey tasting room, which I will most definitely be taking advantage of. BTW, lest we forget about the "greedy" Wegmans family - they employ thousands of people in this community, spend untold millions on college scholarships, sponsor major and minor events alike, pay untold property taxes, and have annually been ranked one of the best employers in America. —davidgottfried

2012-09-07 18:02:27   Today's /D&C/ story says that Whitehouse will no longer use the Prestige Card. —markjackson

2013-02-25 13:11:40   I thought they were pretty rude. The prices were good but I can pay the same and get much better service elsewhere. —JillYing