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On Jan 10th, 2006 the wiki suffered from some problems1 during work for another Rochester orgnization on the same server. The wiki is/was restored to a Jan 8th backup, and data from the time between the 10th and the 8th has been archived. Edit information is lost on pages edited between the 8th and the 10th, but the content itself is safe.

The backup of changes from Jan 8th to Jan 10. will be lovingly hand restored over this weekend (Jan 14/15th). Edits beteen 8PM Jan. 10 to 2AM Jan 11th are gone (the wiki was locked at that point for recovery).

This page is for reporting bugs/problems (besides the known-missing info) that are encounted after the restore. If possible, paste the error dump you get.

If you cannot log in, or for some reason cannot add a comment to this page, use the Wiki Community Mailing List.

Known Issues:

Alright everyone, I'm now offically setting to work on fixing the RSS Feed and all other remaining issues. I apologize for the delay. Between moving into a new apartment, registering for classes, and maintaining a personal life—I've been distracted. Please be sure to post all additional issues you come across. Thanks. — Rob


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2006-01-13 09:34:40   If it's any help, I was creating a page on Haloid when Preview gave me a python error about a missing XML file; when I saved the page is when all the wiki content disappeared —TomMaszerowski

2006-01-13 15:17:08   Tom, was that today, or a few days ago? —FarMcKon

2006-01-13 17:07:44   So I should hold off on recreating the pages I made until after the weekend? —RudyBang

2006-01-13 18:40:23   It was Tuesday evening. At first I thought I had some syntax error, so I didn't record any of the error dump. When I actually saved the page, it seemed to work until I did a page refresh and everything that wasn't in my browser cache was gone. —TomMaszerowski

2006-01-13 18:47:28   The time would have been somewhere between 6 and 7 PM or so, give or take half an hour. —TomMaszerowski

2006-01-13 19:45:29   How often is this wiki backed up? Where I work, we have an internal wiki, and we back it up daily. I would hope that something like RocWiki would be updated at *least* that much. —JohnPassaniti

2006-01-14 21:20:56   Last edit info is not working correctly it seems (Propaganda for example). —FarMcKon

2006-01-16 14:30:22   I'm getting errors renaming "LakeShoreRecords\Talk" to "Lakeshore Records Exchange\Talk" that are of the type '/home/rocwiki/roc/points.xml' —FarMcKon

2006-01-16 18:57:54   Trying to upload an image I got this error: OSError[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/rocwiki/roc/dwiki/data/pages/Photo_20Source_20Ltd/attachments' —TomMaszerowski

2006-01-17 12:29:00   Image upload is now working for me —TomMaszerowski

2006-01-24 17:51:22   RSS Feed just started working. Thanks! —RottenChester

2006-01-24 17:58:03   still isn't 100%, sorting out some weird issues, expect it to blink in and out (user attribution in the feed probably isn't working right now) —RobertPolyn

2006-01-24 21:23:32   R— Thanks for feeding us! They worked even as late as January 10th's restore storm, but not after the full restore. Try diff'ing the pre and post directories to isolate relevant files. —JohnLam

2006-01-24 23:10:24   RSS all better? (Thanks Phil) —RobertPolyn

2008-02-02 18:40:57   Does anyone know how to contact the host of rocwiki? There are businesses that are mis-represented on this site. Any help is appreciated, thanks —WilliamNelson