Xceed Financial Credit Union

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XceedFCUFront.jpgWebster, Front, Feb 2010, BradMandell XceedFCUBack.jpgWebster, Drive-up, Feb 2010, BradMandell

1560 West Ridge Road, Rochester NY, 14615 [Directions]
1425 Jefferson Road, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]
in Saginaw Plaza
3330 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY, 14618 [Directions]
100 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester NY, 14644 [Directions] (Xerox Employees Only)
Hours (as of March 2013)
Varies by Location
800 932 8222
<contact AT xcfu DOT com>

Xceed Financial Credit Union was originally formed in 1964 as a credit union for associates of Scientific Data Systems, later acquired by the Xerox Corporation and became the Xerox Federal Credit Union. They were renamed in 2008 and absorbed the Rochester Federal Credit Union locally.

Today, they are the workplace credit union for Xerox employees and other businesses across the country with over 80,000 members. They also offer auto loans and mortgages to non members. In the Rochester area they cooperate with the Advantage Federal Credit Union, Family First Federal Credit Union, Reliant Community Credit Union, and the Summit Federal Credit Union, and others for banking services.


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2012-08-24 09:33:53   They screwed me over with the account minimum balance. When they were for Xerox employees the minimum balance was $5, I got an account since I was shopping for a home and figured I might like to get a loan from them. Well they decided like 5 months after I got an account that there should be a service charge for these accounts. Fast forward a few months and the account is now -$10, I just closed the account. They asked if I wanted to keep it and I was like wtf would I bother, I could just go to Ally Bank, get better rates and not get screwed by stupid maintenance fees. They got my $5. —Damiankumor