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No brick and mortar location; Catering only
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585 233 9182
<bernie AT yumbofood DOT com>

Yumbo's is a 'Southern Style' caterer.

It used to have restaurant locations on Lyell Avenue, Downtown and Greece. The Lyell location closed in early 2012 and the Downtown and Greece locations both closed in 2010.


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2006-02-24 21:28:31   i think there is one in Greece on ridge rd. in the plaza with Wal-Mart... are they the same place? —JcPop

2006-11-02 08:56:27   Yes. There is a Yumbo's in Greece in the Elmridge Plaza—ridge rd w nr elmgrove rd. —MrPhil

2007-11-11 12:59:10   My husband and I went to the greece location yesterday for the first time. We both ordered the Chicken n' Biscuits. Everything was absolutely delicious and the staff was very friendly. Yumbo's is smack dab in the middle of all the big shopping spots, yet we were the only people in there. Check it out! The food is terrific and the prices are very reasonable. I will recommend this place to everyone! —TaraRicotta

2009-05-06 13:37:59   The downtown location has moved to the lower level of the County Office Building on Main Street, just west of Four Corners. The pulled pork has a savory bbq sauce that is not too sweet. A sandwich becomes a platter with 2 sides for $2 more - a good value. Service is quick and personable at lunch time. —JGerek

2011-12-29 12:29:27   Just tried out the new Lyell location. It's lost a lot of its charm... and they no longer sell cold subs (the Daddyo was my favorite.) But, depending on who's working, and what they have in the fridge, they will still make many of the old cold sub varieties if you ask nicely. —StevenLSmith