zarek.jpgZarek (from left to right): Alyssa Batz, Sarah Farmer, Gregory Best, Christopher Gartley, Becky Waterman, Mike Starke

Becky Waterman: Vocals
Alyssa "Alby" Batz: BGV/Guitar
Mike Starke: Guitar
Christopher "Topher" Gartley: Bass
Sarah Farmer: Keyboard
Gregory Best: Drums

Zarek was a local band consisting entirely of current high-schoolers and recent high-school graduates. Their music can be considered typical teenage pop/rock. They played at various churches and coffeehouses in the Rochester area, including the One Way Cafe (now closed) and the coffee shop at Roberts Wesleyan College.

They played in the Teen Battle of the Bands at the 2007 Chil-E Festival in Chili as well as the High School Battle of the Bands at former Water Street Music Hall.

They are currently on indefinite hiatus.


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