Greentopia Festival

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GreenStatue2012.JPGArt installation made out of Styrofoam packaging. Green2012.JPG Green2012FoodCourt.JPGFood court

Meeting Date & Time
September 9-13, 2014
High Falls District, Rochester NY, 14614 [Directions]

The Greentopia Festival, presented by Monroe Community College, is Rochester and the Finger Lakes' celebration of the green movement. The interactive festival is designed to exhibit what the region is doing to help the environment and explore healthier ways of living as individuals and as a community. Businesses and organizations showcase their products and programs designed to promote sustainability.

Everything at the festival that can be recycled is recycled, including plastic utensils, napkins, and food scraps. Incentives are provided to attendees arriving in green modes of transportation.

Greentopia was first held as a two-day festival in the High Falls District in 2011. For their second year they have expanded considerably to include a film festival, art exhibits, and a conference on innovation.

From the Website

Greentopia 2012 is a week-long celebration of inspiration through art, music, organic and locally grown food and beverages, ideas and activism. The expanded event will contain four programmatic aspects, which include Greentopia | INNOVATION, Greentopia | FILM, Greentopia | MUSIC and Greentopia | ECOFEST. In its first year the event drew between 18-20,000 people to the historic High Falls district. Through how-to workshops and cutting-edge films, visitors learned about big green ideas and how to apply them creatively in everyday life. There are special family activities, a community recycled art installation, mouthwatering organic and local food and beverages, and all kinds of live music.

Past Eco-Fest Exhibitors and Vendors (Select)

All participants have been screened for their commitment to sustainable business practices.


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2012-09-15 20:15:28   They do an amazing job with this festival. The Ecofest has so many great vendors! —EileenF

2016-06-15 11:39:49   I believe the festival is gone now —Damiankumor

2016-06-16 07:41:17   I think there's still a much-diminished gathering. From what I'm told, they got taken to the cleaners by an unscrupulous organizer. Also, apparently this festival was BS in the first place. My friend was a vendor and he witnessed two volunteers throwing out an entire unopened carton of bottled water. (And what was an eco-fest even doing with bottled water in the first place?) He said the festival management didn't care when he told them. —EileenF