Auto Theft


Buffalo and Rochester have dominated Western New York state for auto theft 1 since 2002. Here is a comparison of the numbers contrasted with three Western New York neighbors, with the leading number italicized for each year:

As you can see, Rochester and Buffalo have traded back and forth for the lead and Syracuse is hardly worth mentioning. The numbers have dropped off considerably since 2005.

The glamour of our ranking is slightly dimished by the fact Dodge Neons are one of the most commonly stolen cars, proving again that we as a city have no taste. However, this in turn is compensated for by the fact that one of the most common locations for recovery of stolen vehicles is school parking lots. If our city's precocious youth are already accomplishing so much at the start of their careers, imagine the scale of their exploits as full grown adults.


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2005-12-27 22:23:16   I strongly suggest using a club on your steering wheel. Auto theft is taken lightly by the RPD so ooyou need to protect yourself, or at least your car. —DanDangler