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Imagine pictures 10 stories tall—art—hanging from downtown buildings, as if Rochester were one large gallery! Imagine a 100 feet wide photo of cute puppies greeting visitors arriving on Amtrak. Public art has always held a civic function, bringing neighbors, visitors, strangers, and movers & shakers together. Rochester could be a better place to work, visit, and live.

As proof of concept, Big Picture Rochester installed a 40 x 60 feet photomosaic in September 2006. Composed digitally from 14280 image tiles submitted by hundreds of photograhers from throughout the region, it draws on a jury-winning photograph “Flying Kids”, taken by Joseph Pratt, a student at Charlotte Middle School and participant in the after-school photography club at Charles Settlement House. Launched via winning a $15593 Culture Builds Communities grant through the Arts & Cultural Council, City of Rochester, and Citibank, the project recruited fiscal partner Rochester Downtown Development Corporation and additional support of $9000 from SUNY Brockport, the City, and Lamar Outdoor Advertising.

Barred from using the original name without chartering through the Regents of the State of New York, Big Picture Rochester incorporated as a New York non-for-profit summer 2006. The vision remains to transform downtown by hanging wallscapes on entire buildings, their sides draped with enormous enlargements of photographs solicited from international contests and local talent. Still in development, this project has tremendous potential to reinvigorate Rochester, attracting international attention with a display worthy of our city's nick name: the Image Center. If you would also like to see this vision become reality, join and help fulfill this mission.


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2005-11-23 08:59:15   This is a wonderful idea! —MariahBetz

2006-11-09 21:55:51   The first picture is pretty cool! —ScottHendler

2006-11-10 12:31:20   This is a great idea—they should also work towards commissioning murals for our building around the city ala Philadelphia. A perfect location for a massive mural would be the walls of the inner loop (maybe they could work to break the world's record for longest bisected or continuing mural). —CarlGo

2015-06-04 14:19:42   Hello,we are out reaching within the Art District to let our local Artist aware that there is an affordable place for them to live :) We have recently opened a housing development in the Art District and you may be familiar with us. Market Apartments at Corpus Christi is currently leasing up. We have 6 available 1 bedrooms left. There is an Artist preference, however, others are welcome too! We'd like to attach our flyer for your review & referrals. We currently are open until 8 pm Mon-Fri. You may find us on the website. We do appreciate any prospects you can send our way. Our goal is to lease up by June 15, 2015. We thank you in advance for your help and referrals :) Sincerely, Market Apartments at Corpus Christi staff. This is a wonderful website!! I love the mural art idea :) I've seen such unique art painted throughout this area!! Keep up the great work!!! —JoAnneCicotte