Brighton High School

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1150 Winton Rd South, Brighton, NY 14618 [Directions]
Monday - Friday: 7:45AM to 2:35PM
585 242 5000

Brighton High School is a school of approximately 1,300 students in grades 9 through 12. It is located near Twelve Corners in Brighton, and is in the Brighton Central School District. As the only Liberal high school in Rochester, Brighton boasts a 35% Jewish population. Brighton's fashion sense makes up for it's lack of Athletic ability. In fact, if a BHS student's hair is getting too long they can easily visit Chi Wah Salon or Supercuts which are both located within .3 miles from the High school.

Brighton Middle School is located just down Winton Road from BHS so the student population of Twelve corners ranges from 13 to 18.

Brighton's Chess team and Masterminds team are unrivaled in the state. The high school offers 29 total AP courses, which many students take advantage of to prepare for college.

The high school is also home to 2 Sharp 2 B Flat, a barbershop quartet.


Ardis Mangione-Lindley, an alumnus of the school, is currently a Social Studies teacher. She is the daughter of Gap Mangione and niece of Chuck Mangione.

Notable Alumni


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