This page was created to archive pre-2008 comments for Chilango's.

2006-07-20 17:21:11   AMAZING Mexican food, and an attentive, friendly staff. —AllisonFescue

2006-11-08 17:42:02   The food is excellent if you like meat-rich Mexico City style dishes. Not too great for vegheads. But ummmm... —FrankPetronio

2006-12-01 11:28:49   I have eaten here at least 8-10 times and it is ALWAYS wonderful! Very authentic Mexican food with unbelievable margaritas!! —LisaMarie

2007-02-10 01:07:26   Check our website for our complete menus, specials and directions. Reservations are accepted for parties of 6 or more. Make your reservations for Valentine's Day today, 6 or more reservation minimum does not apply for Valentine's. Homemade Sangria on the weekends! We hope that you enjoy your meal and visit with us! —JonLandry

2007-03-23 06:01:14   I have eaten at many Mexican restaurants all around the country. I would rate Chilango's right up there with those in the SanDiego, CA area. Nothing in Rochester compares to the quality and authenticity of the food. Not a large place but I would highly recommend even at the risk of not being able to get in as more people learn about it. —DonPablo

2007-07-12 11:40:53   Excellent food - drinks a bit pricey and they definitely need a bigger space! I have eaten in mexico as i travel for work and this food is right up there. My mexican amigo's liked this place compared to several others around town. —SandyPaxton

2007-07-28 20:11:44   If you are looking for good Mexican food in Rochester please try somewhere else such as Selena's (Village Gate), Mex (Downtown) or Maria's (Webster). As referred to in the description, the chips and salsa are NOT complimentary and forget about the wait staff having a clue about their wine and alcohol menu. I asked what kind of Chardonnay they offered and the waiter actually asked me if I was referring to the "white wine". As well as their menu is just as deceiving, I ordered the Tilapia which was described as prepared in "paper" or foil which I thought would mean grilled or broiled, well was I wrong. The fish was so fried I thought I was biting into a french fry. The only positive experience for me at this restaurant is that they did not charge me for the meal that I did not eat. —JuleenWeber

2007-09-07 19:24:48   Tried going here. Waited in front area for 10 minutes before being seated outside. Waited 20 minutes, while servers walked past us... before we got up and left. Won't be going back. —MarcVera

2007-09-09 19:23:59   Everytime I go to Chilango's, the food and servers were the best. The food is really authentic and would gladly slap down $25-$30 for a dinner for two. The Mex is overhyped and the food is bland. No originality there. Salena's is down-right disgusting. I had a chicken dish were the chicken was not thoroughly cooked. The owners of Chilango's take pride in their food and is shows. Plus, I expect a 20 minute wait. The place small but cohesive and warm. I only rock Chilango's whenever I visit Rochester. —MatthewScott

2007-09-09 21:12:56   @Juleen: It sounds like you just had a real lousy waiter, because you somehow got Melaneso con Pescado when you ordered Pescado Empapelado, which are next to each other on the menu. As for the wine, according to the website, it's all [WWW]Robert Mondavi Woodbridge. —DaveMahon

2007-11-25 01:21:46   We have eaten here numerous times since they have been open and have never had even an average meal. It's a shame they charge for chips and condiments but worth it just the same! —QuincyCat