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2005-07-21 12:42:56   Having seen their prices, I'm guessing that "elite customer" means "willing to pay $4.00 for a latte" (perhaps a bit of an exaggeration...) —HeatherYager

2005-07-21 17:28:51   I guess Starbucks attracts "elite customers" too...? —JenniferRamsey

2005-07-21 19:03:08   Maybe just going out for coffee is elite these days : ) esp. in Rochester. This is not to say that I don't spend a considerable amount of time in cafes, though (however else I could be spending the $4) —HeatherYager

2005-07-21 19:15:43   hmm. I think a price guide of cafe's would be interesting. I know my morning stop for a moca latte and scone at "Finger Lakes Coffee Rosters" is a cool 3.75 total. —FarMcKon

2006-04-18 18:02:49   My wife and I are far from "elite customers", but we like this place. It's fun to sit out on Park Ave and enjoy one of the GIANT glasses of wine they pour. Their pizzas are delicious, and there are lots of options for my lactose-intolerant wife. —MattDana

2006-09-14 10:34:33   This is my favorite restaurant on Park Ave, it has a very original flair, both in the atmosphere and the style of sandwiches (the Cibon sauce is awesome). The drinks are good and the lemonaide is very good (add some vodka to it). I would definitely consider this my most recommended place in Rochester to take a date on. —TravisOwens

2007-02-07 11:14:56   Not sure what happened to this place. It was great when it first opened but after a recent visit, it's rather lacking. The wines can be found in any budget, closeout bin around town, the baked goods aspire to be stale, and food should be heated to at least room temp. The service was good but this restaurant aspires to be a french style cafe and fails to deliver. I rather pay a little more for honest ingredients than try to be fooled by lesser quality at this price point. Yes, I realize we're Rochesterians and not Manhattanites but give us a little more credit than this. —GordonAnderson

2007-02-07 17:20:13   They used to have Bramba Bars here, but they stopped carrying them in recent history. I haven't been going as much since I found that out, but it's still a cute place. Things have changed in recent history, I will definitely agree with Gordon on that one. —FattyFatFat

2007-02-27 09:42:50   Having been there both for coffee and for dinner, I have to say that it's a bit on the expensive side for the former. For dining, the food I had was excellent and the service was good. However, the dining room was very cramped (this was a Sunday night, I believe), and the dessert was good but not spectacular. I'd go back, but for a light dinner or a lunch. —JonPetruccelli

2007-05-02 19:35:36   Love this place. Good crowd, delicious drinks. A++ —RedDress

2007-05-10 00:08:26   I went here once last year. It feels like it is trying to be hip/yuppie ( is on Park Ave!) but fails to deliver. The desserts were stale and the coffee passable (at best). I probably wouldn't go back there. —OneLove

2007-06-02 20:31:39   very quaint, and before the smoking ban, very accommodating to smokers

100 times before after getting their liquor license —RorisonMeadows

2007-08-03 09:44:41   I really like their food, their salads and selections of cheese are wonderful. I love the atmosphere and the service is always kind, respectful, and friendly. —JuneSylvesterWales

2007-11-04 04:59:53   I gave Cibon a try this weekend—it was absolutely terrible. I've had better meals at the Olive Garden.

My appetizer was essentially a few thin slices of salmon and sour cream on cardboard. The pasta entree tasted like it came from a can of Chef Boyardee. The presentation of the food was rather nice. I'd imagine that this place is aimed at yuppies that have had their taste buds dulled from smoking too many cigarettes.

You won't get very good service unless you personally know the waitresses. They like to stop at tables to converse with their friends and ignore other customers. The only upside to the night was when the drunk guy at the next table over was feeling friendly and bought us shots. —MarkTran

2007-11-10 13:57:53   My friends and I went here for dinner. The wine selection is great and the food is very fresh, but nothing spectacular. I didn't like the atmosphere. I guess "ultra lounge" means that it's so dark you wont be able to see your food as you're eating it. —CatMagro

2007-12-11 15:00:19   im suprised people dont like this place.. i love cibon. i have had dinner and lunch and love both my pasta and panini. the cheesecake was a bit odd, but their crab cake is probably the best i've had yet. i like the atmosphere, there is not a lot like it in rochester. great place. —ParkAveGirl

2008-03-24 11:56:50   I love the atmosphere at Cibon. The food is good, and the girls usually look great.

Its a great place for a first date because its easy to talk to your date, the prices are inexpensive, and the ambiance is very European bistro. —MrRochester

2008-04-28 23:32:24   Good ambience. Dim and candle-lit and such. Decent wine list. Food is consistently good. Mildly over-priced. Good date place. Nothing spectacular. —SmitaRao

2008-08-27 08:21:42   I LOVE Cibon - always go when my parents are in town because they love to sit outside and people-watch on Park Ave. Paninis are always excellent (favorite is the St. Michael), and the Cibon sauce on the salad should be bottled and sold! My only problem is that the service is often lacking, even on days where there is only one or two other groups there. —SarahMisco

2008-08-27 11:28:51   Service at Cibon has always been awful, just like it is in Europe. The servers act like they dont even care if they get a tip. Recently it has been better though. The prices are so low, maybe thats the reason? Could you imagine waiting on a table with a $30 bill? A $5-6 tip is just not worth it.—MrRochester

2008-08-31 13:13:33   I just graduated from UR and have been going to Cibon since freshman year. Their prices have definitely stepped up a bit, while their pizza and pasta quality has dropped significantly. The service has always been great, but usually very impersonal - but hey, if you're refilling my drink all the time, what do I care? Stick with the bruschetta and panini's and aim to get one of the window seats. While I frequent the place less these days, I still pass it along. —WillChesebro