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Cobblestone Buildings

During a mere 35-year span in the middle of the 19th century, approximately 700 [wikipedia]cobblestone structures were erected within a 65-mile radius of Rochester, New York, and nowhere else.

Fishers pumphouse.jpg

Pumphouse - Fishers, NY


Thomas House

The Pumphouse in Fishers, NY, built in 1845 to pump water into steam locamotives along the Auburn and Rochester Railroad. It is one of many cobblestone structures built near Rochester using rounded stones called cobblestones. The Thomas House at 3313 Jeffrey Road in Palmyra is one of many cobblestone homes in the area.

Cobblestone Bed & Breakfasts

Maxwell Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast
(on Cobblestone Quest Tour #12)
7563 Lake Road, Sodus, New York 14551 - (315) 483-2222
Innkeepers Pat & Belinda McElroy via [WWW]Website or <mcinnbnb AT att DOT net>

Peppermint Cottage and Jackson Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast
(on Cobblestone Quest Tour #15)
336 Pleasant Valley Road, Lyons, New York 14489 - (315) 946-4811 , (888) 997-1998
Innkeepers Mark & Diane DeCracker via [WWW]Website or <peppermintcottage AT gmail DOT com>


This page was based on "Cobblestone Quest – Road Tours of New York’s Historic Buildings", a guidebook with 17 self-guided driving or bicycle tours of regional cobblestone buildings. See the Footprint Press page for more information and links.

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