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44 Donovan Street, Webster, New York 14580 [Directions]
Hours (as of April 2016)
24/7 Service
585 872 4420

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Crossfield Heating and Air Conditioning is a local Home Repair HVAC company founded in 1993. They service all brands but specialize in Trane. Crossfield offers both installation and maintenance services. Crossfield serves Monroe County, Wayne County, and Ontario County.


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2012-07-19 15:39:51   Throughout our visit with Crossfield, they kept stating how professional they are - however refused to bid on a job becuase I was working with several companies to replace my entire heating/cooling sstem. For a company that is so proud of being professional - I would think they would understand that customers are going to get multiple opinions for such a large product. They also refuse to talk about products on their first visit and require a follow up. If you are interested in doing busines with Crossfield - plan on spending a lot of time overcoming hurdles they put in your path. —jsergio