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2006-08-30 20:14:41   This place is great! Clean, friendly, and a bit more creative than the average hot dog place. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-09-08 10:14:00   Not only does the food rock but service is also superb. Me and my vegetarian friends love this place. The bread is like a french bread and won't fall apart with the all the stuff added on your hot dog. I've tried about half the menu so far and the Mongrel is my fav (without the hot sauce - it has meat). —EmilyYang

2006-10-14 20:05:49   I've been here like 4 times, their selection and creativity of what one can do with a dog can't be beat. Definitely my favorite hots place to eat at. —TravisOwens

2007-02-05 16:30:42   Absolutely delicious. This place is one of my all-time favorites. —IsaacVanDuyn

2007-02-06 19:02:08   They have the best and one of the only vegetarian garbage plates!!! I love their food!!! —MaggieSmith

2007-03-07 20:39:13   Very unique hot dog choices. I don't eat pork, and was pleased to find out that they offer Cattle Dogs (Beef) as well. It was delicious, I will definitely be back soon. —FattyFatFat

2007-03-29 10:50:56   Just went there two nights in a row after watching the travel channel attempt to show "remarkable" dog places, none of them had the creativity or originality of this place. —TravisOwens

2007-04-30 03:25:50   This dog joint is special. The last time I was in there I saw a stream of regulars and the guy working the grill greeted them by name. Extremely amiable and welcoming. Food is excellent, although they could serve hotter soup. They had a Buffalo Dog on special (wing sauce, blue cheese, minced celery) when I was there! This place is great for anyone who loves a thick, quality dog, either classic or prepared in infinitely creative ways. I'd like to see chopped pineapple as an option. Veg and pork-free friendly. —MariahBetz

2007-06-06 21:18:37   Yay for the delicious Italian bread instead of nasty hot dog buns! I also love the vegetarian chili fries. —OdalisqueRise

2007-06-28 21:17:11   Dogtown is a great joint, especially after a night of drinking. I've heard a rumor that they stopped serving late on weekends, usually stopping at midnight now? Can anyone confirm this? Every time I've gone by after 2, the lights are already out.

Other than that, they are a great place. The honey mustard is some of the best from any joint in the city, and their fries are delicious!

Highly recommend this to anyone who likes hotdogs. My sister says the vegetarian dogs are just as good too. —CalebKelsey

2007-06-29 09:27:06   The dog choices are amazing. They are creative, filling, and the service is fantastic. By far, the best hot dogs in the whole city of Rochester. —KatieWelch

2007-06-30 08:32:13   Yes, it seems like they are closing at around midnight on Friday nights, at least.

They now have an expanded menu and a vinyl lettered menu board. Last night I had the Greek Stray, a hot dog with olives on it! The service is amazing there, it's such a fun establishment. —AdamDurand

2007-07-22 13:59:50   Dogtown is fantastic. Wonderful service. Delicious food. For any hotdog lover it is an absolute must. —ChelseaBaleno

2007-09-17 12:31:37   This place is absolutely amazing. Great food you can't find anywhere else in Rochester, excellent service, and a cozy and clean environment. Things I'd recommend here, besides the dogs, are their homefries (battered and seasoned to perfection) and the sweet potato fries. I have noticed that they've been closing earlier on weekends...possibly due to the recent rash of violence on Monroe Ave. Hopefully this is only temporary. :( —LesleyChen

2007-10-31 19:24:44   DogTown had to start closing earlier because we had general disrespect problems: vomit all over the bathroom, ketchup squirted on our walls. Still open til midnite tho, and if you call by 11:45 we'll make food and hold it for ya til about 12:10. Cheers to all, thanks for the great reviews! —EzekialDantes

2007-10-31 21:47:50   Sucks that you had to change your hours because people forget how to act like human beings at a certain time of night... we have always been happy with our meals here and you are at the top of our list for a quick weekend lunch. —DottieHoffmann

2007-11-01 12:45:23   While I live and work nowhere near Dogtown, I try and to talk my co-workers into going there at least once a week. The food is always great with a ridiculous amount of varieties to try. And don't forget that they have vegetarian alternatives to most of their items. Ezekial, It's unfortunate that you have to close earlier, but I respect and applaud you for your descision. Monroe Avenue is one of the ONLY areas for late night eats in the city, and unfortunately that seems to be drawing a lot of undesirables to that section of the neighborhood. More places need to think less about the profits and more about the state of the neighborhood and the residents that have to endure the late night traffic and problems to eat there. —LanceReed

2007-11-01 17:34:12   I always have a great meal at Dogtown. Of all the Hots places, this is by far the only good one. Lance, just keep it clean and Ill keep coming back! —MrRochester

2007-11-09 13:57:58   Great food! Never fails to satisfy. I hope they enjoy a very very long stay in the Monroe Ave area. —AlAbonado

2007-11-22 02:14:44   i love dogtown, delicious food, amazing staff, and did i mention delicious food...i also got to try my first garbage plate ever, being vegetarian :) made me feel like a "real Rochesterian" —TooMucch

2007-11-28 16:01:50   Hatmanns Texas Hots! Great place, good food, super service! —JackPorcello

2007-12-20 13:27:40   I wouldn't consider this a Rochester style hot's joint. First of all, the floors were neither sticky or greasy. I had a friend visiting from out of the country and he wanted to see a Rochester place. While Dogtown is great, delicious, homey, etc, I'm kinda glad he saw Tahoe's too :-) But in all seriousness, it's a husband and wife crew who run the place, and they really do a great job with the place. I hope it has a better fate than the places there before. —DaveMilitello