E. Philip Saunders


E. Philip Saunders is a famous resident who built the [WWW]TravelCenters of America chain from his dad's gas station in 1958 into a national truck stop and travel center empire. He also owned Griffith Oil and grew the Sugarcreek convenience stores. He also founded Genesee Regional Bank.

Saunders currently has ownership interests in Swain Resort and Essex Property Management.

He is chairman of [WWW]PCORE Electric Company, [WWW]Griffith Energy, and [WWW]Genesee Regional Bank, and he is currently on the board of directors for [WWW]Paul Smith College, the American Red Cross in Rochester, the [WWW]National Association of Truckstop Operators Foundation, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Saunders currently lives on Sugar Creek Farms in Dansville.

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