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2005-08-16 12:09:44 ORIGINALLY PART OF PAGE TEXT  This place has several of the right moves-the menu looks interesting, the location is great...and that's it. The execution of the dishes is way too heavy (The answer to a problem in the kitchen is not just to throw oil at it). The service is terrible to the point of being offensive (I nearly walked out when I went there on a date, and our waitron treated me like an asshole for complaining that the salad dressing wasn't the promised "oil and vinegar", but was just "vinegar". I'm deeply appologetic, and I actually enjoy straight vinegar as a dressing sometimes (really - I'm strnage), but when my date complains that "It burns", and I taste her salad, and I recognize that it's the same bulk balsamic vinegar I use, uncut by oil, we have a problem. When I politely alert our waiter to the problem (Our exchange: "I think the salad dressing is a little too sharp" "Oh, I'm sorry, it's premade" "I see - I'm afraid it's actually just balsamic vinegar - whoever premade it seems to have forgotten the oil" To which he walked away). We got a vegan (proteinless) lasagna (I figured it'd be a bunch of vegatables with tomato sauce, stacked vertically) and a greek pasta (we figured penne, olives, a light fetta, onions and tomatos would be light). Both our dishes were swimming in oil, and the vegetables had clearly been cooked a few days before, and been brought out from the fridge, and microwaved unevenly (the outside was room temperature, the inside was chilled. When I complained again, I got a glare, and a remicrowaved dish. Now it was overcooked all over).

The prices were impressively high - I wouldn't recommend this at half the price, but I could've eaten at Max or Bamba Bistro for these prices, and I wouldn't have been sick afterwards or paid for the privelege of being insulted. I won't eat there on a dare, but I'd rather eat at McDonalds than go here again, even if the prices were the same. —RossMessing

2005-11-26 18:03:02   I haven't had an experience as bad as Ross' at Edibles, but I'll agree that some of the dishes are too oily (the pierogies for example). Also, I remember having a Salad Nicoise there that was nothing like the traditional S.N., and that wasn't pointed out in the menu. —RottenChester

2006-03-30 04:29:11   I ate there twice this week, once for dinner and once for lunch. The food was great both times. We had the pierogies both times and there was not a drop of oil on them. Everything was very fresh, even on a Monday night. The service was great too. —TaraLynne

2006-08-31 12:12:42   After a positive recommendation from a friend, my husband and I went here for my birthday. It was quite a letdown, the food was decent, but not what I would expect for the price. They did not have a bartender on, so we couldn't get the mixed drinks we wanted and they were out of ingredients for their signature drink. It wasn't horrible, but for the price I'm not going to give it a second chance. —EllenKelsey

2007-08-30 10:58:53   I have always enjoyed my food here. I ate here recently and the food was similar to previous experiences. The only qualm I have is that the menu is limited. I am allergic to shellfish and many of their dishes involve seafood, therefore I usually have to choose from steak and steak. Always go for the perogies, Edibles specialty.

Nice trendy restaurant. —MrRochester

2007-09-07 18:56:33   I have been to edibles many times, for lunch and dinner and have always enjoyed the meal. I even took my parents there and they were quite impressed. I love the duck tacos (lunch). While it's not "the best restaurant in the world"...I think it does a pretty good job. The cocktails are great. —MarcVera