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This page is for discussing the contents of Erie Canal Trail.


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2009-07-31 10:31:00   I deleted the image and text related to the Footprint Press books stored on the page because they are additional insertions of promo's for the guidebooks found on Biking. They are also on Cobblestone Building Tour - probably should make a page for the guides and just wiki link to that page. [[

2009-07-31 21:16:03   I didn't mind the page as it was. I think the book and photo were relevant to the page, and there was no inappropriate sales-speak going on. I think now the info is kinda hard to find.

I think Brad's idea to make a page for the guides is a good one. A link to that would be better than the former incarnation of the page, and the current one. They are quite popular in Rochester, and have Rochester-specific information. It would be a good project for anyone who is familiar with the books. —EastSideStephen

2009-08-01 08:47:21   Thanks for the input, I forgot to come back to this page to wiki link the new Footprint Press page. I was concerned about having three different pages all with web links to a "non-rochester" company spread around the wiki, the photo on the canal page was the same photo as on the Trails book cover, but without the cover background. Anyway, it is all here and the links out to their website and guides is all on one page. I do agree some photos and more resource links would add to the page. —BradMandell