FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

#0 How do I use this FAQ ?

#1 I am trying to help edit RocWiki.com, and I can't seem to stay logged in!

#2 I want to add 'info' to my edits so people can see why I edited a page?

#3 How do I attach images to a page?

#4 How do I see which pictures are on a page?

#5 What are the conventions for linking and naming

#6 Is there a way to see a list of all the pages in the wiki?

#7 Can I see which pages link to a particular page?

#8 Where can I find out geeky things about this site?

#9 My image looks horrible with a border, is there a way to remove it?

#10 How do I force a one-lined return?

#11 How do I rename a page?

#12 Is there a way to insert a link into a footnote? It may just be external links, but I haven't tried internal links.

#13 What wiki software does RocWiki use?

#14 What group of people, or person, 'owns' the lease to the RocWiki organization and domain names?

#15 Is my IP address visible?

#16 Why do Talk pages appear in the orphan list even though each main page has a Talk icon at the top?

#17 Do rocwiki pages need to be Rochester related or can they contain other content not related in any way to Rochester?

#18 Is there a moderator that prevents people from excessively advertising their business on multiple pages?

#19 Is there a way to make bookmarks that notify you (via e-mail) when your bookmarked (or 'watched' or whatever) page has been changed and/or commented-on?

#20 Why does clicking the Banned Group page say "You are not allowed to view this page." ?

#21 Doesn't it make more sense to list comments with the most recent of comments being displayed at the top of the comment list, beneath the page info? Could this point be up for consideration and implemented at some point?

#22 since it isn't possible yet to show the most recent comments first would it be possible to remove some old ones that are no longer accurate like "the store is closed"?

#23 How do I make an italicized timestamp automatically appear when I add comments to a page?

#24 Every time I visit this site it won't accept my password. I click on the link to reset it. I click on the link in the email, and enter my password and re-enter it. Then I can contribute to the site. But as soon as I log out, it loses its mind, and I can no longer use my password, and have to reset it again. Maybe it doesn't like that I am re-using the old password. Do I have to set a new password? I would rather not.