Flaherty's Three Flags

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websterflahertys800.jpgWebster Flaherty's - Photo BradMandell

Locations Phone
1200 Bay Road, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions] 585 671 0816
113 Pittsford Palmyra Road, Macedon, NY 14502 [Directions] 585 223 1221
60 W Main St, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 [Directions] 585 497 7010
Hours (as of April 2009)
Daily: 11:00AM to 2:00AM
Yes-Full Bar
Wheelchair Accessibility
Yes-all 3 locations
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Flaherty's Three Flags is a restaurant with locations in Penfield/Webster (next to Wegmans Plaza - Eastway), Macedon, and Honeoye Falls.

They also offer catering.

Live entertainment, outdoor seating, and free Wifi is available at all locations.


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2007-03-30 12:50:36   I had lunch here today. The wings were very tasty, had the medium sauce. I also had a very yummy cup of Lobster Bisque. 10 wings were 7.99 so a little pricy for wings in my opinion. My coworkers had some burgers that looked very tasty. —KimBee

2007-04-23 20:20:53   I went to the Webster location, the inside is very nice, although I prefer the bar side or outside seating to the restaurant side as it looks a bit too classy for my tastes. The food is good, the prices are average and the selection is good, would definitely go again. —TravisOwens

2008-06-30 22:52:36   The Webster location has provided a range of dining experiences in my many visits from sloooowwwww to pretty prompt and polite with completely correct orders to most of the way there. The suburban location lends itself to middle-aged clientèle and seemed a little meat-market-ish in that dirty old man kind of way when there later in the evening with my volleyball teammates. Some personal favorites are the ceasar salads and the lobster bisque. Prices seem reasonable to slightly high, the beer is always good. I don't know that I'd make the trip out to Webster on a whim for this place, but I don't mind it as a convenient hangout after matches at the Y. —StephanieTodd

2008-07-01 10:49:25   Bar food in a bar ambience. I wasnt overly impressed with anything at the Webster location, but it wasnt an awful experience either. —MrRochester

2008-07-22 19:27:07   We dined at the Webster location in the winter a number of years ago and my wife enjoyed the ambiance of the fire in the fireplace. We decided to try it again this evening and were a little disappointed. The food was good - not great, but the acoustics in the dining room made everyone's conversation and the crying children into a din that was hard to ignore. The upkeep is a little lacking, cracked seats in the booth and worn wood floors; plus we got a few pieces of dirty silverware. Our waitress was very responsive and cheerful. We had an OK time, but probably won't go back. —BradMandell

2010-03-21 00:46:16   I visited the Macedon location and in my option is very pricy for the quality of food and service that you receive. —jasperalmond

2010-07-02 13:11:01   Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised by this place! I had Seafood Fra Diablo and my boyfriend had Scallops Alexander. Both dishes were very tasty. The quality of the food was good. Mine came with huge shrimps that didn't get lost in a pool of pasta like you would get at Oliver Garden or Bazils. The same dish was comparable to the one from Mario's. The two dishes I tried are also better than Bistro 135 and Pomodoro. Can't say much about the other things on the menu but I would definitely go back just for those two. —Liren

2012-10-15 22:13:32   Honeoye Falls Loc: We threw a 50th birthday party for my brother this past Saturday. We had a BLAST! Our server Janet was perfect! Food was phenomenal! 5 Stars! —peteb

2014-02-09 11:47:39   This review is for Macedon: I don't even know where to begin. We got there on a Saturday night at around 5:00 and the place was busy. My husbands mom wanted to have her birthday dinner there. We were seated promptly by an apathetic hostesses who said nothing to us as we were seated, just walked away. I knew we were in trouble when I saw the massive menu, 4 pages I think. Always a sure sign of frozen food thrown in a microwave or fryer. Our server was the only bright spot to the evening. Let me say the dining room was nice but not my taste at all. Country chic I'll call it. I ordered the chicken French with garlic mashed potatoes. The potatoes seemed home made by someone with no taste buds because they had no seasoning and lots of lumps. The chicken French breading was falling off and the sauce was sweet. Not good. My husband got the Shepard's Pie. It was not Shepard's Pie. It was a large bowl filled with ground beef, covered in gravy with a plop of those nasty mashed potatoes on top. It was in no way Shepard's Pie. He was very disappointed and said it was gross. It actually looks like a bowl of puke. His mom got the salmon and she said it was dry. So I have no clue how anyone could like this place or why it was busy. Needless to say we will not be returning. —NewtonNola