Fuccillo Hyundai

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3975 Ridge Rd W, Rochester, NY 14626 [Directions]

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2007-08-29 15:05:50   This guy drives me nuts....he looks so unhealthy in those commercials. He's going to stroke out one of these days —PeteB

2007-08-30 10:31:16   I hate Fuc-cillo commercials and those total garbage cars he sells. —MrRochester

2007-09-26 13:40:19   Our 2 year old now runs around the house saying "HYOOOGE-A" all day long. —DarrenKemp

2008-01-09 23:54:22   If I was remotely interested in buying that type of car I wouldn't specifically because of how obnoxious his commercials are. Could really do without seeing another one his commercials. "huge" is not catchy, it is simply irritating. —HeidiAnn

2008-01-10 12:38:10   I agree with all the above commenters and yet he probably makes more than all 6 of us combined. —BadFish

2008-01-10 20:58:35   We will soon be annoyed twice as much since Fuccillo is opening up a Kia dealership next to the Hyundai dealership. When I lived in Utica I was bombarded with his commercials from his dealership in Adams NY, at least I had 5 years of peace after I moved to Rochester. —ScottHendler

2008-01-11 00:05:50   I don't care how much money this guy makes. It doesn't give him the right to be a nuisance to the rest of us. Besides that, have of what he says in his commercials is impossible to understand. Is he speaking English or does he just have marble in his mouth? —HeidiAnn

2008-01-12 15:52:05   That we even comment on his commercials is a testament to his marketing savvy. —MrPhil

2008-01-13 17:49:47   MrPhil, I agree he is very good at marketing but he is still annoying. He does make you remember him and his dealership. He must be doing something right. I don't think most of us using the wiki fly around on our own private jet. —ScottHendler

2008-01-13 19:31:04   You must be joking? Perhaps some are missing the point. I don't know this guys name, I don't know where he is located. I only recognize that he is annoying, obnoxious and that his weak advertising had deterred myself and others from pursuing any type of business transaction with him. I don't know how you could call that "good marketing" or "marketing savvy".Even if I have remembered the name of the dealership that still had not accomplished anything. I am not concerned if he owns a small country or a JUMBO JET.That does not earn my respect or interest in his business. If you told me that he was a philanthropist and had somehow contributed to his community, that might grab my attention. Besides, he must have caught wind of the recent objections, because I have not seen him in any of the recent commercials. Hallelujah! —HeidiAnn

2008-01-13 20:16:12   HeidiAnn although you, I and perhaps many others will not buy a car from him because he is annoying, many people must since he continues to open car dealerships throughout NYS. Maybe it is his prices but I would think his commercials make people think about his dealerships. Not sure if he does things for the community, only time will tell. —ScottHendler

2008-01-13 20:17:40   well good for him... —HeidiAnn

2008-01-14 17:49:41   Fucillo is extremely well known throughout Central NY-he has many dealerships in the Syracuse area. Heidi-whether it's annoying or not (and I agree it is) it does stick in our mind-that is called Marketing Savvy. Getting into people's minds...

He does do some community service and believe he has given money to some children-service related charities. —PeteB

2008-01-15 20:12:29   Okay, Peter.I relent.His commercials do stick in peoples minds.Personally I change the channel every time I see his commercial.Also, I would like to comment on a recent commercial in which he pretends to advocate to a financier for a potential customer who obviously had questionably credit(You're right though,this commercial stuck in my mind)and vouches for her because she is a "beautiful woman".So,the message I read was if I'm good looking he'll find financing for me?You're right!That's great marketing savvy. —HeidiAnn

2009-01-09 18:49:07   Greetings fellow Rocwikians! I am a Fuccillo employee and I'd like to make a couple points about our organization.

2009-08-19 09:46:34   Sorry, but I there isn't a page for Fuccillo Kia, and I wanted to add in something after reading what a lot of you put in here. Hopefully, the same thing applies at his Hyundai dealership as well.

2009-08-19 10:41:42   I installed a "Blabber Stopper" (a small switch with resistor connected to the speaker) on my Dad's TV in 1956 so he could avoid annoying commercials - for him that was ALL commercials. Many might now recognize this feature as the Mute control on their remote. I am afraid TV has a lot more annoying (and damaging) material to get excited about than this commercial. I am just glad when it does not come on immediately before or after one of the ED prescription ads. What a HHHUUUGGGEEE reaction (:>} —BradMandell

2010-04-12 09:58:12   GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! 1) They don't pay off your trade until your bank gets involved because your behind in payments
2) They don't followup with insurance on your new vehicle until you get a suspension order from the DMV
3) They don't estimate your registration properly and send you a nice bill
4) Send your registration money and they don't send your registration

So it's time to make your first payment and you still need insurance and registration. Wow great follow thru, they won't last because people like me will never return. HUGE mistake! —Noneyabitness

2010-09-13 19:38:09   You really need to Stay Away from this dealership and the way they handle Customers after the Sale ! This Dealer should be Banned from Rochester . —mr918

2011-05-13 15:20:40   I bought a Hyundai from this dealership during the Hugeathon sale in 2007. Yes, they got the paperwork wrong, but the mistake turned out to be in my favor! Buying a car is never really fun but Fuccillo got me a good loan and also gave me the most delicious pie I've ever had in my life. I also got to meet Billy and I agree he's a nice guy, actually very quiet in person, never said the h-word even one time! :-) And I have to add the Hyundai has so far been an excellent car with no problems and very little maintenance needed. —VolneySimmons