Gambling, a popular activity in the region, is covered by NY State Law with legalized forms available via your local charity, lottery tickets from your local store, at local racetracks, off-track betting parlors, and the regional casinos.

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Laws & Regulation


Charitable Gaming

Charitable organizations may use a limited set of gaming options to raise money for their charitable works. You may find more information listed with the organizations information.

The [WWW]NY Wagering Board - Charitable Gaming Site provides information on the four main categories of legal gaming:


The [WWW]NY State Lottery provides gambling via lottery systems and uses portions of the profits to support education. Local businesses can become lottery retailers through a process described on the [WWW]Want to become a Lottery Retailer page of the NY Lottery website.



Video Gaming

Video Gaming terminals are available at a number of NY State Racetracks including those listed on [WWW]NY Lottery Video Gaming Page.

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