General Elisha G. Marshall


Birth name Aliases
Elisha Gaylord Marshall Colonel and General
Birth date Birth place
January 26, 1829 Seneca Falls, NY USA
Date of death Place of death
August 3, 1883 Canandaigua, NY USA
Known for
Civil War service, burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery, grave robbers stole his skull
[wikipedia]West Point commissioned officer in the US Army, Brevet appointments to NY Field Artillery

Marshall was a native of Western New York, where he grew up, served his first commissioned assignments in Rochester, retired in Canandaiguia, and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Rochester natives became acquainted with Marshall in 2000, when grave robbers broke into his coffin at Mt. Hope Cemetery and stole his skull. See story references below.

Marshall had extensive service during the Civil War and was wounded and breveted several times. A detailed accounting of Marshall's military career is available at [WWW] . He was the 2nd Brigade's Colonel and was captured by the Confederacy during the infamous Petersburg, VA [wikipedia]Battle of the Crater episode 1.