Geva Comedy Improv


Geva Comedy Improv is an improv comedy troup that has served the city since September of 2003. They generally perform one weekend a month at Geva Theatre. Check for upcoming shows on the Events Board.

Geva Comedy Improv is a narrative-based improvisational theatre troupe that takes audience suggestions and turns them into instant theater. In narrative improv, the actors try to tell stories based on relationships, characters, and status, among other things. This differs from the more generally-consumed gag improv, which is more gamed-based.


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2007-01-16 08:19:36   I saw this group in December and they were a lot of fun. They interact with the audience and their ability to jump from one improv into another is amazing. Geva had beverage service available that night and decent drink specials. You can bring your drinks right into the theater. But no glass....they should really tell you that and pour into plastic so you dont have to do it at the door. —DeniseElliott