Gilbert McCurdy


Birth name Aliases
Gilbert Geier McCurdy Gil
Birth date Birth place
May 25, 1922 Info Needed
Date of death Place of death
February 16, 2010 Rochester NY
Known for
Generosity. Founded Boy's Club of rochester
Owner/CEO of McCurdy's and co-developer of Midtown Plaza

Gilbert McCurdy was the son of John C. McCurdy, who founded McCurdy's in 1901 and who operated a department store at 285 Main Street East in Rochester.

Gilbert took over the business, expanded it and attracted fame by co-developing the Midtown Plaza with Maurice Forman and making McCurdy's Department Store a key player in the plaza.

Gilbert McCurdy was extremely active in the First Baptist Church of Rochester being responsible for the commission of the "McCurdy Cross" which graces the sanctuary.


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