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2006-12-18 11:09:38   Several years ago I saw the owner and a few of his buddies beat up a customer who had been obnoxious then call the cops, telling them he had jumped them. (It was 4 on 1.) As I was walking away from the place, the cop happened to stop me and ask if I had seen the guy. (The guy who got beat up ran before the cops got there.) I told the cop what I had seen and he quit looking for the guy and went inside to question the owner. I will never spend a dollar there again. —BadFish

2007-02-05 09:11:33   This place is scary. People get shot in the parking lot, seriously. —NjTourist

2007-04-10 23:36:45   this place may seem scary to pansies but if you mind your own business then you'll be fine! Gitsis has the best turkey gravy in rochester for fries, great prices, decent shakes and service. they cant help that rochester is rampant with crackheads and crazies. they do the best they can. i drive out of my way to eat there! —JadeRaven

2007-04-11 00:11:50   Yeah, the place is full of crazies. Some even write about it. —BadFish

2007-04-11 18:04:56   look, my point is that gitsis is no more dangerous than any other inner city late night spot. there are bad ppl in the wold and you never know where thay will show up. as far as food and prices goes they are really good. so let me list some of that: onion rings, bacon cheese burgers, turkey gravy fries, chocolate shake-(you get that old time metal cup full for the same price as e. ridge and they only give you a small cup of something that isnt good),hot turkey sandwich w/gravy(i like to add bacon sometimes. and not to mention service has never been anything but pleasent and attentive. im not crazy and im sorry that i called people pansies. i just dont get how ppl can single this good food havin' place out for being scary when i feel safer there than say avenue D. —JadeRaven

2007-08-31 11:30:18   This place is a dump. But with few places open late inside the city limits after the bar, it is one option. I need to be drunk to eat here.

The owner should really remodel, it might bring in a different crowd, he might chase away his current clientele though, if he cares. Monroe Ave is our funky, freaky street, so I guess this fits in. Monroe Ave reminds me of Royal Oak in the Detroit metro. —MrRochester

2007-11-07 20:05:09   Same as Badfish, i agree, this place is a dump. I had similar situation happen to one of my good friends. My buddy, his girl, and a few others of us in a group went in. Not one of us was drinking that night, just wanted some food. The table behind us was loaded with loud obnoxious jerks. The one girl at the table, was kicking the seat, and started to bother us. My buddys girl, turned around, and asked her to please stop. She flipped out, started screaming racial profanities, and accused us of calling her the "N" word in one breath. Her boyfriend grabbed my buddys girl and straight up clocked her in the jaw. So, a huge fight broke out.

I cant stand this place. Anyplace that you have to have a security guard at because people cant figure out that they are in a society not the wild...isnt worth your time. —TorieCaddy

2008-01-16 20:40:31   Wow, I had no idea how scary this place actually is (assuming, of course, that everything written here is true) But then again, I grew up in the sheltered suburbs, so I guess a lot of city stuff scares me.

I went here one time on a Saturday morning at about 7 am, and I thought that the food was only OK. Also, the place seemed kinda dumpy and run-down. I haven't been back since. —EricArdis

2008-01-16 22:27:40   I've eaten at Gitsis plenty of times, all hours of the day and days of the week. Reading this page actually shocked me because I didn't know there was so much trouble with the place. There's always cops at that table in the corner eating and having a good time. I'm thinking everybody here might be mixing it up with Mark's Texas Hots? —JoannaLicata

2008-01-16 22:50:45   I've been at both Gitsis and Mark's Texas Hots late at night and never had an issue. I don't do it often but I have done it. I also usually have some large humans accompanying me. —PeteB

2008-01-17 10:45:36   I lived several houses away from Gitsis in 2007. I would not call it exactly dangerous and I have not exactly had much trouble personally but I have seen dozens of things there I didn't like. (I did get in one fight there years ago but it wasn't bad.) A weekend didn't go by that we didn't see cops outside with lights on. Be prepared to get cut in line repeatedly while waiting outside. There are fights in the parking lot and down the street. It is worse during the summer when a crowd of about 30 gathers in the parking lot after 2am, hanging out and blaring music. Disclaimer—read my above comment, I do dislike the owner and think he is a punk. Mark's may not be much better but I do go there late night once in a while. —BadFish

2008-01-17 15:22:21   When I go here, it's usually between 10pm and midnight and I've never noticed any unruly or unpleasant customers. In fact, most of the tables tend to be unoccupied. Which is weird, because the parking lot is just about full. There's lots of nearby on-street parking though. —DaveMahon

2008-02-05 11:41:18   There's no reason to be afraid of going to Gitsis unless you visit after 2am on the weekend, when it's packed full with people getting out of bars. Any other time and it's a great place to find a wide variety of very inexpensive food. If you want quality diner food you're
better off going to Highland Diner down Goodman street. —MarcCharbonneau

2008-03-29 13:38:13   I agree with MarcChar the only time you should avoid Gitsis is after 2am on the weekends. Other than thai it is a nice family restaurant. I go there all the time with my boyfriend and it is very cheap for the good service recieved. —EnishaCray

2008-06-12 17:13:06   I used to come here almost every weekend really late at night; it was good food compared to whatever else was available that late. Then about 4 years ago, my car windshield was broken/shattered for no reason in the parking lot (nothing stolen). Since that incident, I haven't been back. —TippingPoint

2008-07-21 15:53:46   Yes shot in the gravy... Beat up by the dish washer..... Lions tigers and bears oh my!?!? Please this is "ROCHESTER WIKI" so if the city scares you that much why live here? I dont come out to the burbs to complain about the soul less legions of sheep I do my shopping and leave! OK maybe every now and then I eat a sheep.... But the turkey gravy at this place is much better! —mbelenaziryusef

2008-08-21 21:49:47   I love gitsis, ive been there about 8 times now, I always had great service and the waiters are all veryy nice.The food is great, The milkshakes are amazingly good. So for all you people saying its a dump and scarey i personally think your wrong its a veryy nice diner to go to and eat with you family. Yes it can get a little wild around 2 am on weekends but what place doesnt when you have a bunch of drunk people coming in after they got out of the bar. I personally dont think it gets out of hand. —FreedomEaton

2008-08-22 01:53:09   gitsis is only bad because people make it bad —FreedomEaton

2008-09-16 09:11:07   There was another shooting there, this one made the news: [WWW]

2008-10-01 10:19:29   I applaud Gitsi's for finally having some sense and closing early on the weekends. —DarrenKemp

2008-10-05 13:31:27   I was at Gitsi's on Saturday Morning with my three year old. We had a pleasant, great tasting breakfast. When we went up the cashier to pay our bill, she asked me to sign their petition to remain open 24/7. I absolutely refused to sign it. My husband (DarrenKemp) and I have experienced the nightmare of late night eating on a Friday or Saturday, therfore Gitsi's should be closed between the hours of 1am to 5am Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. —ShannonMartin-Kemp

2008-10-19 17:49:28   I've been a Gitsis customer since 1975, remember when there was a counter along the east wall, and the grill was up by the front window. I've seen the restaurant ownership change hands 3 times since 1975, and have been there every hour of every day any day of the week. It is unfortunate that there are some customers that get intoxicated and violent, Yea society has a few bad seeds, they used to be at Nick Tahous up until Nick's started closing earlier in the later 1990's. And guess what, those violent, intoxicated people moved to Marks on Lake Ave. first, then to Monroe Ave., and then to Gitsis. The current owners, George and Spiro, have been through a spell where they closed Fridays through Sunday nights about 7 years ago when certain persons were causing havoc, so this is nothing new. I love Gitsis, the chicken Romano soup is awesome (Thursday), I've preferred the "Gitsis Plate" over Nick's "Garbage Plate" since the early eighties when it appeared on the menu, My wife worked there for a few months, to help out, I've raised my 5 children, often eating there, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I'll be back there again soon. I'm a Restaurant person, I met my wife at a restaurant, and Gitsis is without a doubt one of the first choices when I'm hungry, now that I'm living in Henrietta, I don't get there as often as when I lived in the city, But as long as it is open I'm there at least once a month. —BonsaiCult

2008-11-25 19:59:42   I love Gitsi's, my mom brought me there as a kid all the time and I love it as an adult!! The food is by far the best diner food around. Very good homemade taste and *gasp* I like their Gitsi's plate better than Nick Tahoe's or any other place that offers one. The meat hot sauce is the best not to hot and not sweet like others and the fries and brown gravy are one of my favorites as well as the french toast and corned beef hash with poached eggs. Ive had almost everything off of the menu and will continue to eat here for years to come. Unfortunately stupid people have to ruin a good thing and spread violence but I think it is a good idea that they close early on the weekends even though I will miss having my after bar snack! —MinaLoy