Hole-in-the-wall Restaurants

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Rochester and the surrounding area is full of hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Here's a quick list to start you on your culinary adventures. See below for definitions and resource links.

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2009-06-30 23:08:46   From Original Page List of Hole-in-the-wall Restaurants - Props to Jean for starting the list! jesse.decker

2010-10-05 13:32:23   Cottage Hotel in Mendon is good though not sure it is a hole in the wall. They do serve 36 ounce beers out of mason jars on Wednesday nights, and you can get a strong ale (though I forgot what it was) as a choice. Also, they have 36 ounce bud lights anytime the Yankees are playing. Where else are you gonna get those kind of drink specials on the south east side of Roch? —ScottLaRock