Hot Rosita's

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hr1.jpgHot Rosita's on Main Street, September 2010 hr2.jpgSoft Tacos and Chicken Salad, September 2010

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17 East Main St, Rochester, NY 14614 [Directions]
Status (as of February 2018)

See Gone, but not forgotten


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2010-02-17 15:32:09   Great addition to downtown: affordable and very fresh. —tankearae

2010-03-10 13:08:37   This place is great. Its basically a locally owned Moe's or Chipolte. Excellent burritos, prices are the same that you see at the chain's, they take credit cards, and there is a lot of seating in there. —GeorgeBluth

2010-03-17 09:05:02   This is a great place, fast and cheap and good food. Salads are huge and come with a choice of meat and a side of chips for under $6. My only complaint is that they charge you 25 cents for a water cup. But it really is a great addition to the downtown lunch scene. —goldengirl217

2010-04-19 20:07:22   A decent lunch spot for downtown. It was nice to see a crowd come during the lunch hour. I would rather support a place like this than Moe's or Chipolte. —ScottHendler

2010-05-20 19:03:14   This place is great for a downtown lunch spot. They use very fresh ingredients in their burritos and they also have some tasty salsa for chips. The commenter that said it's like a Moe's or Chipotle is right. The food is better, though. —JohnHavard

2010-09-23 16:50:48   Tasty food & excellent service. Perfect for getting lunch downtown. This place gets pretty busy so if you are hungry, get there before the noon rush. —JasonWilder

2010-09-23 22:54:23   I finally got to try this place about 2 weeks ago. I knew what to expect: stomach sized burritos ala Moe's, Sol Burrito, Chipotle, etc. And that is exactly what they delivered. I ordered the pork burrito and was roundly disappointed. The preparation was sloppy. When the dude making the burrito rolled it up, all this juice squirted out of the end. It was kind of gross but, you know, it was forgivable because there were a lot of ingredients packed in there. Upon eating the huge burrito there was a sweetness to it that didn't sit right. I immediately regretted straying from the typical meats (ie. beef or chicken). I ate the whole thing but I didn't really enjoy the process of eating it. I kept theorizing what was making it so unnaturally sweet. Who knows.. maybe the chicken burrito is good. I'm willing to give this place another shot but my first go-round was forgettable. —BatGuano

2010-11-03 19:58:10   Excellent Tacos (had the 3 taco combo...1 Chicken, 1 Beef & i Shredded Beef) all three were great...just wish they had dinner or weekend hours... —Ikiwcor

2010-11-04 11:37:04   For some reason the burritos are far sloppier than anything you'll find at Chipotle, but I can't argue with having a decent burrito place downtown. The chips are great and come free with whatever you get. —MarkNewell

2011-01-28 13:47:09   The food is good, I'll give you that. But I will not go back due to hike in prices. It was pretty pricey before and now its outrageous! instead of hiking prices why not lower the staff you have, I mean come on, there are staff tripping over each other in the small kitchen and bar areas. In this economy, I can't afford to eat here anymore. —ACritic