Integrity Auto Repair

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241 East Henrietta Road, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions]
Monday - Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
585 271 3270

Integrity Auto Repair is a automobile mechanic located on East Henrietta Road in Upper Mount Hope.


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2005-12-30 12:34:55   Very honest bunch of guys that do quality work. They actually live up to their name and won't be asking you to change your headlight fluid or the winter air in your tires, no matter who you are. Reasonable prices and fast service, but same day service usually isn't available if you can't leave your vehicle. Many of the employees of surrounding companies in Science Pkwy use this shop, and it's not unusual to see their fleet vehicles in for routine service. —WillMullaney

2007-05-26 14:29:37   Agreed. I've brought vehicles there several times. These guys are honest and charge a fair price for their work. —TomNichols

2008-01-17 10:51:00   Greg and the guys at Integrity do quality work at a good price. The place really lives up to its name. Although I know almost nothing about cars, my husband does and he feels these guys are honest and fair. I drive a VW and Integrity is able to perform most maintenance and routine repairs on it. I've been going to Integrity for the past five years and have no complaints. —MelissaStull

2008-04-22 10:22:09   Love these guys. They have limited hours, but are willing to let me drop my car off and pick it up after hours without hassle. Greg is great at explaining what's going on with my car when it's giving me trouble and always comes in on quote (and often under the quoted price!). —KrisSkovbroten

2008-09-19 21:25:20   Went to this shop based on rocwiki reviews, and ended up paying over $150 in diagnostics for a car that doesn't work any better than when I brought it in. The guys were nice and eager to help, but it became apparent they didn't know what they were doing. To be fair, this might have been because the owner was away that week. After running diagnostics, they replaced the air filter and seemed convinced this would solve the problem. (This alone cost over $150!) But the car still runs roughly and stalls out at low speeds. Then they thought it might be the mass air flow sensor, so I replaced this. That didn't help, either. I'd love to have a mechanic tell me what's actually wrong with my otherwise dependable car, but I wasted the money I had available so Integrity could tell me it was nothing they could figure out. Oh well. In sum: friendly, but at least in this case, incompetent. —Kenosha

2009-04-22 11:47:07   Very solid work. I took in my car, it needed two things, a new radiator hose/cap and my front grill came undone about a week ago. I didn't get a call back from them the same day as quoted, but the next morning there was an e-mail in my inbox from a woman at the U of R student accounts office saying that they contacted her because they couldn't get me via cell phone (I gave them the wrong number). They took the initiative to take an educated guess that I was a college student and contacted me. Anyways, quality same-day work, and they fixed my front grill for free. Friendly, knowledgable, and most of all honest guys. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. —mbetush

2009-10-29 23:38:24   I moved to Henrietta and was looking around for a good mechanic. I saw Integrity Auto Repair on the RocWiki and I'm very happy I did. These guys are fantastic! Greg was really down to earth, made sure I knew exactly what was going on, gave me a quote that was lower than other places, and got my car fixed in a timely manner. I bring all my vehicles to Integrity Auto Repair and recommend them to everyone in the area! —MCGiardina

2009-12-03 12:15:40   I went to Integrity based on everyone's comment, and the fact that it was close to my house. Greg was definitely very straightforward, but he wouldn't give me the time of day. Very inflexible. He got pretty combative when I was trying to talk about the pricing. He wouldn't budge on anything, and wasn't very nice during the whole exchange. My car was basically stuck there because I had an alternator issue, or else I would have taken it elsewhere. His price quote was totally unreasonable, but I got a price ~$50 less elsewhere.

2009-12-03 12:16:34   Correction, his price was NOT unreasonable, but I found a lower price elsewhere. —NansenYu

2009-12-30 11:49:04   The first time I went to his place for an NYS inspection was because a good mechanic friend recommended it to me. That experience was fine. The next time I went for an oil change and some brake job on my car, there was a guy called Greg. He gave me a quote for the work and when I asked him if he could lower it, he just threw the paper at me and told me to get it done somewhere else. He wouldn't even do the oil change saying that he had me up for a brake job and couldn't do the oil change until after 2 weeks which was pretty stupid since it takes about 10-15 min for the oil change. I don't know why he was so rude. I would have gotten the job done in his shop anyways had he been nicer and said politely that he couldn't lower the price. Well, I finally got everything done from another place much cheaper and I am happy with it.
The shop might be nice in terms of their work, I don't know. But Greg sure lost a customer due to his bad mouth. —RocResident

2010-09-28 15:37:08   Jerks, RUDE! Just wanted an oil change. They of course told me there were numerous other things wrong with my (one-year-old) car. When I told them I wanted to check around on some of the prices they were quoting me, they guy hung up on me stating, "be here by 4:30 to pick up your car." Then they charged me more than they quoted me for the oil change. I was too pissed off to argue - just wated to get the heck out of there.
I will NEVER go back there. —doodlebug

2012-05-26 10:17:46   I don't think I've been in since '09, but when I was, they were very good. Greg provided a number of options when I needed my car repaired and one of the other mechanics walked me through my truck while it was on the lift to show me what I might want to consider fixing, but didn't pressure me for any of the repairs. —TimGuyot

2012-07-17 11:27:39   I don't know how anyone could say Greg is rude. He's patient and takes the time to explain things to us. He even tells my sons what they can do themselves at home to keep up routine maintenance since my husband went to be with the Lord a year and a half ago. Integrity is the right name for this shop and I recommend it to my friends. Talk to Greg yourself before you believe a few grumpy people. I take my cars nowhere else now. —JamieParfitt

2013-06-14 13:57:30   I've been going to Integrity Auto Repair for about 6 years or more. The people at Integrity have earned my trust; which is the most important thing to me. Since I do not know how to do this kind of work myself and it is really important to me that my vehicle is reliable, I need to be able to trust my mechanic to make the decisions as what needs repair and that they do quality work with quality parts. Once when I made arrangements to drop off my vehicle and pick it up at an arranged time, there was some delay in the repairs and the vehicle would not be ready for pickup at the agreed upon time; because I was going to miss a class at college, Greg paid for a taxi to take me to Brockport to class. I do not know if Greg would do this for all his customers (perhaps just the long-standing ones) but I know that I was very appreciative of the gesture and I was appreciative that a delay in repair (that can happen in unforeseen circumstances) caused him to want to offer this kind of service to a customer because a repair was not done when he said it was going to be done. That is my kind of experience with Integrity; other people might have different experiences but I trust Integrity to take care of my vehicle and charge an honest price for honest and quality work. —Jacob

2014-03-24 16:11:40   Integrity Automotive is honest and trustworthy. I definitely recommend them and will continue to go to them. —BrianSpecht