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The Automobile Mechanics page provides information on automotive repair and other services for the Rochester area.

TIP: Getting parts from Junk Yards in advance could save you some serious money when getting your older, out of warranty car repaired.

NOTE: Please make all future comments about the providers on their respective pages. Previously edited-in recommendations and comments are now in the comments section with the "Comment Rnn" notation. Rnn indicates the page revision number and the comment shows the date and time when the comment was made.

General Automotive Shops

Auto Shops with Multiple Locations




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North Chili



Rochester City


Automotive Glass

Collision / Body Shops

Customization / Performance Shops


Other Services

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2005-08-02 17:16:33   Comment R1 —TobinFricke

2005-11-13 13:01:52   Comment R6 —JonPetruccelli - Integrity Auto Repair - Small auto shop I've been using since the summer. They seem honest and straightforward, and get things fixed in a timely fashion.

2005-11-20 10:29:50   Comment R7 —Ry - Schrader's - I have a professor who has been going to this guy for decades.

2005-12-16 16:37:00   Comment R9 —MikeThomas - I've been going to Vail for years now, they are trustworthy and friendly.

2005-12-19 02:39:09   Can anyone recommend a good muffler (exhaust system) shop? —TobinFricke

2005-12-20 15:12:20   Comment R13 —TobinFricke - Tom & Paul's Tire Trax Inc - Was recommended to me by RossHattori)

2006-08-13 20:41:21   Comment R18 —MaxPakhutkin - Vail Automotive - Had them inspect my car and replace worn out tires. Good service. They seem to be a little too small for the amount of business they get, so call in advance to find out about availability.

2006-08-14 21:26:53   Comment R20 —MrPhil - Veteran's Garage - Fast, friendly and efficient.

2006-12-12 23:16:32   Comment R26 —GirtsFolkmanis - Vail Automotive - I've only had good experience with them.

2007-01-22 15:14:04   does anyone know where can I find a place that does custom/modify works? suspension change dyno etc? —ChrisLee

2007-03-24 15:55:47   Comment R33 - —ChrisLauretano - Vogel's Collision - They're very nice until you call them for messing up their work. My car in in shambles and they keep giving me the run around. Post collision repairs need to made the car perfect, not sorta almost perfect. They left out a bunch of clips on underbody covers, misaligned the new front bumper, and the paint on my hood and bumper looks like they did it with a rattlecan. I know they are capable of decent work with the equipment they have, but I MUST say to avoid them at all costs as they are making my life a living hell right now. They think they can push me around because I'm only 21, but they're wrong.

2007-05-26 12:33:43   Comment R36 —TomNichols - UNeedA Tire Shop - Took me forever to find this place (b/c of the weird name) but they sell used tires by tread depth, starting at $20+. Great when you just need that car to pass inspection!

2007-07-12 15:20:23   It might be helpful to organize this page by town/suburb. —AlexanderGartley

2007-08-21 22:39:41   Comment R51 - Rochester Collision - Highly Recommended by PeteB

2007-08-21 22:39:41   Comment R56 —GeorgeHaberberger - The Wire Wheel - We've been using them for years, through 7 cars.

2007-11-30 09:51:55   Comment R59 - -DarrenKemp - Rochester Collision - I second the high recommendation, best collision experience I've ever had. Great rates and honest people.

2007-12-05 07:10:40   Comment R64 —KatieSchmitz

2008-11-10 08:56:55   Comment R77 —CamDube - Marketview Heights Garage - Seem friendly, haven't done anything major with them - yet.

2009-04-28 15:33:42   Comment R92 - —DavidPascal - Browncroft Garage -Voted #1 in a City Magazine poll. These guys rule. Best car shop in town, especially for hybrids.

2009-07-17 20:34:07   Comment R95 - Dan McDonald Automotive - Highly Recommended by PeteB

2010-12-06 12:04:16   Does anyone have recommendations for a GOOD, RELIABLE shop that does remote starter installations for a reasonable price? I've read multiple, separate accounts — horror stories — from installations that went bad at Ziebart, Best Buy, and even the dealership (getting ripped off).
Thanks! —mychen