J. Nevadomski, a Rochester native better known as Juda, founded, performs in, and produces the international industrial music project/group The Fragile Path. He is the owner of Sin Salvation Records as well. He is a student and collaborator of [wikipedia]En Esch of [wikipedia]KMFDM, [wikipedia]Pigface and [wikipedia]Slick Idiot. And is also an accomplished artist and painter.

Juda also won the New York State Championship in 2000 for art [V.I.C.A.] and went on to the national level, as well as many more local and regional awards.

The Fragile Path and Juda have been featured in Rochester Insider, the Democrat and Chronicle, [WWW]Regen Magazine, [WWW]Revenant Media, [WWW]Sideline Magazine, on WBER (Rochester) and [wikipedia]WLVL (Buffalo).

His personal web page is [WWW]http://www.myspace.com/judatfp.