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The Little Venice Pizza Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on August 4, 2009.

2005-10-14 13:11:08   Their wings are delicious too. —TobinFricke

2007-02-05 02:29:00   Their new location is suprisingly comfortable. What a change from their previous place. They now have about 10 tables where you can grab a slice, relax and watch the activity in the southwedge. The owner is entertaining sometimes with his extremely loud voice. —BenMargolis

2007-02-28 20:57:40   This is one of the relatively few places to get thinner-crust pizza instead of the doughy monstrosity that passes for pizza elsewhere in the region. The owner is a real nice guy and is fun to talk to. And yes, he has some strong (and loud) opinions. —QuintessentialKay

2007-03-27 13:24:37   Your average New York pizza & wing shop, it's good. —TravisOwens

2007-03-27 13:32:25   I love this pizza—the crust is perfect, in my opinion. It's thin, but not *too* thin, and just doughy enough. There's something about the sauce that I really like, too. Service is friendly and quick. They've done a good job making the new location look nice. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-04-05 19:11:46   Had another good pizza from Little Venice tonight. Only wish the had green olives. —AdamDewitz

2007-04-08 19:59:23   I think their white pies are out of sight, but I don't want to sweat this joint too hard for fear of word getting out and having to fight the crowds when this place gets justifiably discovered (ala the Seinfeld Soup Nazi). —ArlenMoller

2007-04-25 10:20:05   I like this place a lot, but the owner really needs to tone it down. Last time I was there, he was ranting and raving about something so loudly, my boyfriend and I literally could not hear each other speak. You'd think he'd realize he's too loud when the patrons are shouting to be heard, but no. Next time I think I'll get take-out. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-06-21 14:15:50   The pizza here is very good. However, the first time I ordered from there, back in April when I moved to the neighborhood, there was a screw in my sheet pizza! I called and they told me they would credit my visa back for the $18 and they never did. When I called back a few days later, they accused me of lying. It was all very insulting. I have eaten there since and everything has been fine, but if I'm not being lazy, I would rather order from Piatza's on Park and Oxford. —SaraChristine